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She sounds like a kindred spirit!


This book sounds delightful--June might turn out to be your best prompt read so far :)

For me, my prompt for the month is "Other Worlds", and I decided that could mean science fiction so I'm trying my luck with "Lincoln's Dreams" by Connie Willis, about a Civil War historian/book researcher and a young woman who is having terrible dreams. So far, so good.


I love this book so much. When my family came across it several years ago we passed it around until we had all read it (husband and two teenage daughters). We all love books and baseball so it was perfect for us. My first introduction to Doris Kearns Goodwin was "No Ordinary Time". It's about the Roosevelts during WWII and is marvelous. I highly recommend it and her other nonfiction works on various presidents.


Would not have picked this up because of the baseball theme, but you piqued my interest. And I've always enjoyed DKG when I've seen her as a history pundit. Off to check the card catalog.


Oh this sounds like a wonderful book! So glad you were able to find one that fit your theme!


I love Doris Kearns Goodwin - and I loved "Wait Till Next Year" and even managed a signed copy, thanks to a dear friend.


They are a reading sort of family so this is most enjoyable! Even the baseball references are interesting!


It may well be so. I had no idea this book existed, but it might well end up being a favorite this year. I like your theme! I have a few of Connie Willis's books and I often look at them--Blackout being at the top of the pile at the moment. Her protagonists always sound so interesting. I love the Civil War slant to it, too. You'll have to let me know how you like it when you finish!


I can totally see why and it does seem a very good gift book--there is so much to it that would appeal to a variety of readers. Even though I am not a baseball fan, I am finding her stories immensely entertaining. Now I think I will have to read No Ordinary Time--or at least add it to my pile for later. I wish she had written about the Colonial presidents--it doesn't look as though she has, but I think she would make any of them very interesting to read about.


Me either. I would have looked at the cover and just passed it by, but if it appeals at all--it is most definitely worth a look. I even like the baseball stories and now I will be looking at her other books, too!


I am so glad to have found this. Not only do I get to stick with my theme (and not cheat!) but I think have found a new good author to return to later as well.


That would be a treasure indeed. I can see why she is much loved and appeals to so many readers. Definitely a keeper!


What a delightful teaser! I'll definitely have to look for this one, as it sounds completely wonderful. Glad you found a (sort of) baseball-themed book for June.


Great excerpts! I probably would not have looked at this book twice due to the cover as I'm not much into sports but obviously this is much more than just a sports story. Hope you are continuing to enjoy this one!


I feel like I am sort of cheating but not quite! I like her 'voice' so much don't even mind all the baseball references. She is such an engaging storyteller--I love hearing about what it was like to grow up in the 50s!


Had it not been recommended and I just saw it at the bookstore I think I would have just assumed it was about baseball only and passed it by. I am really enjoying it however! Glad I am staying on track with my prompts after all!

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