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Just put my reserve in at the library. I'll let you know my thoughts later.


Thought you would like it and glad I wasn't wrong!


I really liked this, too, and felt like it was definitely a cut above the average. Do you know when her next book is coming out?


Her second book is due out in September. It is called Force of nature. Sounds like it is set in the Australian bush, which not the same as the outback.


Can you explain the difference?


So glad you liked this one! I was so impressed by this too and it'll probably end up on my favorites of the year. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.


Most Australians live on the coast, beyond that is the bush, mostly uncleared land with lots of trees and undergrowth. Beyond that the outback, where everything is sparse, the vegetation, animals and population. Not sure if The Dry was quite the outback, more rural country in severe drought. Once you leave the coastal areas towns become further and further apart.




Please do! I hope you enjoy it as well. It is a quick, good, summertime read.


I think our tastes overlap pretty well, so if you like a book it is pretty certain I will too!


I think so, too. Not at all the usual same sort of thriller, which I really liked. I think she has a new one due out early next year. :)


Thanks Anne! I looked it up, but I saw a date of 2018--it would be great if it came out earlier.


Thanks--I was wondering the difference myself. I was looking yesterday at maps--the maps that they have now that show actual size comparisons to other places and see that Australia is nearly as large as the US! There is this cool website where you can drag the countries and it pretty much fit over the whole of the US. I always imagine the Outback to be a somewhat unforgiving place--really need to read more about the geographical features. And I had no idea the difference between outback and bush as locales. Have you ever read Robyn Davidson's Tracks? I think I am going to reread it this summer--after looking at pictures so I have more an idea in mind. I think it will be more 'meaningful' a second time around!


I think it has been a popular book and I am glad it is doing well. So nice to have a different setting and a different sort of story than the usual. I am looking forward to her next book, too.


Yes the outback is unrelenting. I have recently returned from a visit to family in Broken Hill. I live on the east coast, it was a 2 day drive. The 2nd day involved driving through only 2 towns, over 200 kilometres between each and virtually nothing in between, low flat land, low shrubs, a few kangaroo and emus, no tall trees. Very dry. Fascinating. I have not read Tracks. September must be the Australian release date for her next book.


Hi Anne, I don't think I realized until this discussion just how vast Australia is. I knew it was big, but looking at a flat map gives you little idea--until I could superimpose it over the US map and that puts it into perspective! I googled Broken Hill so I could get an idea of what it looks like--it isn't entirely foreign yet it is very different from what I am used to. Even though it is winter there it still looks like it can be pretty warm, but I am sure that is not the case geographically over all of Australia. I have pulled out my copy of Tracks for a reread and borrowed a huge picture book that was made in conjunction with the movie that I am eager to sit down with and really look at. I plan on sharing it here next week! Thanks so much for letting us ask you questions--I am so glad I chose Australia for my reading project this summer! :)

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