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Sarah @ Reading the Past

The shelves are looking good! It is a great feeling to know that patrons are making use of collections you're responsible for buying. I see quite a few books there that I'm interested in reading...

Fantasy is popular in my library too. We've had a recreational reading collection for a while, and starting in September (when one of my colleagues retires) I'll get to be in charge of it, something I'm looking forward to.


What a lovely job and who better to do it!


They do look pretty good with more books! That first photo I linked to was a little on the sad side! I must admit that while I do try and order a variety of books in all genres, I occasionally will add a book to the list I really want to read, too. I am not really a sci-fi/fantasy reader, but I really should read outside my comfort zone and try one now and again. Luckily I have a good resource here in the library--one of the librarians reads mostly in that genre and she always has good ideas she can give me. It is very fun being able to curate a collection--I was so thrilled when they asked me to do it--yay that you will get to select for that collection too!


I know. I am really lucky to have that as part of my job. Hmm. I guess my love of reading has been noticed by my colleagues, eh? Of course when do they not see me with two or three books in hand?!


Don't know why I didn't think of this before when you were asking for sc-fi/fantasy suggestions for the collection: Marie Brennan's books about the Onyx Court, the faerie parallel court to the royal courts in London.
The first one, Midnight Never Come, is set in the reign of Elizabeth I and I thought it was brilliant - a mixture of historical and fantasy and really good storytelling.


Ooh,I've never come across her books before, but they do sound good--I think I am going to have to order that first one (and then maybe grab it first when it comes in....). I think that is my kind of fantasy. Have you read her Lady Trent books, too?

Joan Kyler

What an inviting corner of your library! Lucky patrons.


What fun curating this collection must be! It's certainly looking very appealing.

I don't read much sci fi or fantasy, but I did just remember a book that might fit that genre: The Invisible Library, by Genevieve Cogman. It's the first in a series, and the only one I've read so far, but I'd continue on with it (need to add it to FictFact before I forget its existence).

And how fun it must be to be able to order books with someone else's money!


I can understand so well this is a favourite part of your job. It has your stamp on it and it is inspiring to have something like that in your work. It looks like a nice place to sit and read too.


How inviting those shelves look! If I were a visitor, I might not make it any further...


It is a nice little corner, not a nook exactly, but a comfy place to sit and read. As a matter of fact sometimes I sit there on my breaks as well!


It is fun and I have to pace myself to try and stretch my budget as much as possible. I just try and order a few new books every month to keep a steady flow of current reads. Thanks for the suggestion--it sounds good, too (too many appeal to me...). I have added it to my list of books to order from!


Every morning I go and check the suggestion box and tidy the shelves and try and switch out the books on display. It certainly makes for a break from the more academic books that I usually have to work with! ;)


I'm glad it looks inviting. It is a little slow in the library at the moment but hopefully things will pick up (and more suggestions will go into my suggestion box) when classes are back in session next month!


I haven't read any of the Lady Trent books as Midnight Never Come was the first book by Marie Brennan that I had read, but I will certainly be looking them out ASAP.
I have had a fondness for dragons ever since reading the Anne McCaffrey Dragonriders of Pern books as a teenager, so I think the Lady Trent books will be very much to my taste.


What fun to plan and order books for a popular reading section of a library. A favorite part of being a librarian for me was selecting books to buy so I can relate to your experience.


I see some Jojo Moyes and Louise Penny! Great reading nook and what a neat part of your job to be able to choose which books go onto these shelves. Definitely must feel so rewarding.


I picked up the first book in both series yesterday from the library, but so far have only managed a cursory glance at each. It is so disgustingly hot here at the moment and my house is on the warm side, so I have not been able to do much reading or blogging or anything that requires concentration unfortunately. Will have to check out Anne McCaffrey, too!


Have you read Naomi Novik's books?


As I am just paraprofessional staff and work with ordering materials and paying invoices, normally I would not be able to select for any of the library sections, but popular fiction falls into a gray area. I think they know how obsessive I am about books and reading that I could order for this small area, which is really cool and I feel very lucky to be given the task. I do put in lots of book suggestions for the regular collection, however! ;)


I hope I am not ordering too many of my own 'want to read' books! I try and order from bestseller lists, though, so I am sure I am not the only one who is interested in these books. It is great fun and I always have to pace myself and just order a steady small stream of books to make sure there is variety!


I have read Temeraire, the first in her dragon series, which I enjoyed so much that I bought a lot of the following books but it won't surprise you to know that I haven't actually read any further - as yet!
I spotted Uprooted on the shelves- I did get it out of the library but ended up having to return it before I had made much progress with it. Keep thinking I will try again - eventually!


Now that sounds familiar. I have the first book and keep meaning to get to it.... I wouldn't mind reading Uprooted, too. Our copy has seen a lot of wear and tear so it must indeed be a good (popular) read!

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