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This post reminds me that I have read this book. It was some years ago and my memory of it is hazy, but what I do remember is how the females were treated. So few rights. I might try and track down the other books as I do remember enjoying this book. Fascinating learning how other people live.
Manal al-Sharif has been on local radio talking about her book. She sounds like a very strong, determined woman, as well as being very interesting. I might try her book as well.


It's hard to believe this is the way it is now for women there. I would hate not being independent. The book was a fascinating look into a totally different culture, but also the mystery was really good, too. I liked how it was so tailored to the place--very atmospheric and unusual. I have the other two books on my shelves for later. I am just waiting for my turn for the al-Sharif book--I have heard good things about it.


I read this one quite a few years ago and my memory of it is quite fuzzy but I do remember enjoying it a lot. I'm with you, while I'm fascinated by what it must be like in Saudi Arabia, I can imagine it must be a difficult place to travel to especially for women.


I like exotic/foreign mysteries and this one certainly fits the bill! I am now reading David Young's Stasi Child, which you might like, Iliana, as it is set in East Berlin in the mid-1970s--since you have travelled there a number of times it might feel (at least location-wise) familiar to you! I am not far into the book yet, but so far I like what I have read.

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