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Another winner, but since I've already got two books on the way (my library did have The Secret Life of Violet Grant), I may have to put this down for the future. I've read the first couple of the Royal Spyness series (recommended by my dental hygeniest--we always talk books when I go for a cleaning) and enjoyed them. In fact, I need to add them to my FictFact account and work them into the rotation!


I wasn't too terribly impressed with Her Royal Spyness but still meant to check out more of her books and just haven't gotten around to them. This standalone though really sounds good to me!


Another to add to the mental list! It is a good read and one that you can hold in reserve for when you need some good escapism. I found my copy of Her Royal Spyness--it looks like a fun romp, too. I see that the new Jacqueline Winspear is now on Amazon--FictFact told me! Isn't that handy!


That's too bad the first didn't click. I had the same issue with her first Molly Murphy book, but I did love this standalone. I'll give the other series a try, though, as I have the first book on my pile. Sometimes it's good knowing what other readers felt going into a new series like this!

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