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I remember watching the original version of The Beguiled and after seeing the young Clint Eastwood in the role, I don't think I could take Colin Farrell seriously but I will look out the book if I can find it.
I think My Cousin Rachel is out this month, in the UK anyway, but I haven't seen anything about the film of Tulip Fever recently - maybe I have missed it. Really must read the book though as I have had it since it came out in paperback and that was ages ago.
Is it Lynda La Plante who wrote the original Prime Suspect who is responsible for the most recent books about Jane Tennison? I loved the original series' with Helen Mirren but I didn't see the last one she did and to be honest I wasn't grabbed by the first series of the 70's prequel when I watched it for some reason. Nothing wrong with Stefanie Martini who played Tennison but I ended up losing interest.
Still haven't read any Virginia Woolf (my classics reading is not exactly going well at the moment) but I might see if I can find my copy of Let The Right One In which has again been on my shelves for a very long time. Not surprised it seems creepy as it is about Scandanavian vampires!


I'm eagerly waiting for Murder on the Orient Express, but I'm not sure if I'll see it in the theater or wait for it to come out on DVD. My favorite Poirot is David Suchet, and I can't imagine anyone doing him better, no insult to Kenneth Branagh intended.

I love Helen Mirren as an actress, too, and my husband and I both enjoyed Prime Suspect. I recently read Mirren's autobiography, In the Frame. She's an interesting woman.


My Cousin Rachel is out -- I saw it a couple of weeks ago. Beautiful film, although I thought the male lead was miscast. Tulip Fever doesn't open (even here in NYC) until late August, so you haven't missed it yet!


I have not watched Prime Suspect but am definitely intrigued by that one. We just watched the second season of Broadchurch and I loved it. I can't wait to watch the third season. Also look forward to watching My Cousin Rachel. I haven't been to the movies in forever though so I have no clue if it's still out or maybe not even out! I need to catch up.


I am also not at all a fan of Colin Farrell, but I liked the women actors very much and the fact that Sophia Coppola directed the film. It was beautifully filmed and very atmospheric. Farrell's character was pretty unlikable, so it worked okay for me! ;) I wouldn't mind seeing the Clint Eastwood version at some point now, too. Yes, Lynda LaPlante also wrote Tennison, which arrived, so now I have the first volume of Prime Suspect (out of three) and Tennison waiting for me, and still one more episode of the TV show, which I actually quite like. I have this really weird fixation on the 70s so anything I can get my hands on is of interest. I don't think I have ever seen Stefanie Martini in anything before. I loved the Helen Mirren version, too. And I keep talking about Virginia Woolf...someday I will even pull the book from my shelves. (Sigh).
Have you read Fiona Barton's The Child? I suspect you have--the reporter in the story reminds me of you as I know you used to do court reporting, right? I have to get moving and finish the book as it is due Thursday, so no more dipping in here and there.


I hope to see it on the big screen, though I have not yet seen it playing here in Omaha anywhere. I might just have to settle for seeing it streaming later. Glad to hear I still have a shot at seeing Tulip Fever, though it is not looking too good I will read the book first. more reading time please.


Once you start, be prepared to watch all the episodes from all the seasons as it is very, very addicting! Helen Mirren is amazing in that role. I have to give Broadchurch a try, too. Have you watched Happy Valley? Another crime show well worth watching. I go to lots of movies these days (something you can easily go to all alone and no one ever bats an eye--can't say that about most things in Omaha sadly, and I am almost always just one my own), but I love movies, so I go see one or two or even three every weekend! I streams lots on my tablet, though, too, so that is a nice way to pick up all those shows and movies you miss at the theater!


I have watched a few of the David Suchet shows on PBS and he is very good in the part. I always think of Peter Ustinov as Poirot as I saw him in the movies he made playing the part--I tend to always think of him first. I didn't realize Helen Mirren had a bio out--will have to look for it. She does seem like she has lead a very interesting life!


Funnily enough The Child is one of a number of books I am due to pick up from the library this week - typically they all came in at once!
Sadly I remember the 70's all too well - they were my teenage years but they do seem as though they were light years ago when you consider that a lot of the things we take for granted now in terms of technology simply didn't exist then! Back when I started out as a reporter we had to provide our own typewriter and got an allowance for ribbons for them!


It is easy reading but I have a feeling I will be returning it late and paying a fine (too many other books calling my name at the moment, too). I like that the characters are not all 20-somethings--it is nice reading about women who are more or less my contemporaries, or at least that is what it feels like as she never says their ages outright. I was young in the 70s, too, just elementary school so it is likely why I have such a nice nostalgic feeling--I was not quite cognizant of all the un-PC-ness of life! I bet today's students have never even seen a manual typewriter--wild to think about! (It doesn't feel All That Long Ago-lol).


I'm terribly conservative when it comes to movie adaptations, and I don't follow the news, so you shocked me twice Danielle with your post. Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot??? No one will ever be a better Poirot than Suchet IMHO. No Helen Mirren to play Tennison??? I just can't get over it. I second Iliana's recommendation of Broadchurch, I'm sure you'd love it. We are currently on S3 (sigh, the last one...). David Tennant and Olivia Colman play so well.


I have heard a lot about this new adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express. Some authors/books I feel more strongly about than others and I do want to see this one (despite that awful Kenneth Branagh/Poirot moustache!). I never did watch any of the TV adaptations of Agatha Christie's books, so I have no image in my mind really, though I have heard the David Suchet adaptation is the best. Helen Mirren absolutely IS Jane Tennison. The new series goes back to her earliest days when she was just starting out, so in a way it feels like a totally different story since it is set in the early 1970s. I actually have enjoyed the adaptation and like the actress playing Jane. For me this works. I will check out Broadchurch next. Have you seen Happy Valley set in Yorkshire? It is dark, but it is an excellent show! I highly recommend it, too!

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