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That is a beautiful piece of writing you chose as a teaser, Danielle. I am amazed how you find rare beauties like this again and again.


I am not sure how I found this (I obviously do too much looking at books and publisher websites!), but it is a great find as I am enjoying it immensely. The writing/translation is lyrical. I wish they would translate more of her work. Hope all is well Cath! I have another postcard picked out and ready to write and mail to you! ;)


I really admire the work of translators and how lucky we are to have access to books from all over the world. Obviously we need lots more. I think that will help us all understand each other more. I hadn't heard of this book but I'd be curious to read it. Hope you enjoy it!


I agree. I admire people who can translate works from one language to another and not lose that nuance. I need to read more translated works, so I am making an effort at the moment. I have read so few translated from Arabic, this has been a really good one!

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