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I can't help you with the chosing as I haven't read the stories but consider spending a week (or two ... or longer...) in either Cornwall or Greece, or still better both? I for sure would enjoy it. I even can imagine myself sitting sipping a glass of wine, ouzo or a cup of tea (biscuits please) a Greek classic (book I mean), a Mary Stewart or Daphne Du Maurier at hand. Ah, the power of imagination.
Maybe just read both:)


I have started with Greece and the Osborne novel since I bought it in hardcover (which I try hard to avoid) and I like it so far. I am keeping the Michaels book in reserve. I like her (no matter what criticisms other reviewers have), so perhaps I will read her as well. I have my August prompt to think about, however . . . ;)


And I can readily imagine myself with you sharing the wine or ouzo and biscuits look out over the Aegean Sea! (Wishful thinking!!).

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