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I think you are quite right. I really need to read this. It sounds a bit like Gladys Taber's works.


This sounds wonderful. Another one to be added to my list.


Which is a reminder to me to pull one of Gladys Taber's books from my own shelves! I have My Own Cape Cod and maybe a Stillmeadow book.... If they are similar we are both in for treats! ;)


All the nonfiction books I have read in the last year from NYRB have been wonderful. This one may well end up on my best reads list later on! Enjoy!


This sounds wonderful! I keep checking for it at my library but they don't have it. I might just have to buy my own copy!


💖 Gladys Taber!


I really think this is a book you will appreciate. I thought of you as I was reading about all her adventures with her chicken and geese and ducks...and she even had a chicken that would do a similar hopping on her shoulder thing! If you don't get it, let me know and maybe it will end up in a holiday package sometime or other... ;)


I know you have recommended her to me, haven't you? I DO have a few of her books....will have to pull them off the shelves and see how they compare to this one (as in for good reading companions!).


I love the sound of this--will definitely want to read it.

My grandparents had a farm with chickens and cows, and they had the same rule about names--if the animal was going to be slaughtered, it wasn't named. If it was going to be added to the herd or flock, they named it. There's an essay in there somewhere, I think.


It is an excellent read and I am sure you will enjoy it. I think there is indeed an essay there. It is hard to eat and animal you have gotten to know enough to give them a name. It would be sad to think of eating "Henry" or "Elsie"! I have never been around farm animals--cats and dogs are the extent of my interaction.

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