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I'm absolutely hooked on Cynthia Harrods Eagles as a writer. I'm reading the series set in the First World War you mentioned. I'm up to the Restoration in her Morland family saga and I'm on book 7 of her Bill Slider police series. They lady writes well.


One of the scariest books I've ever read was The Other by Thomas Tryon. Just thinking about it gives me chills. I read it years ago...literally years ago. Horror/ghost stories aren't a genre I generally read, but I make an exception for Simone St. James. She's got a new one coming out in March 2018, The Broken Girls. I've already asked the library to get it.


I have The Long Long Trail in my library pile and after your mention of it I think I had better get to it as I am guessing there will be a lot of requests coming in! I agree with Janet about how good a writer Cynthia Harrod Eagles is, she is just as convincing as a writer of crime novels as she is as a writer of historical novels and I never get those 'really?' moments with her books.
I think that I have a book of Polly Samson's short stories somewhere - it might be worth having a look for it, but there again I might just see if the library has the collection you mention as I really haven't a clue where it might be!
As for ghost stories - I think that Susan Hill is always hard to beat and there are quite a few to choose from: I know because I bought most of them for my other half after he read The Woman in Black, in the hope it would encourage him to keep on reading. Years later, he still hasn't read them so I am going to - but in a well-lit room!


Just realised why Polly Samson's name was so familiar: I DO have a book of her short stories somewhere but I also read her novel The Kindness a year or so ago and enjoyed it very much.


I really like her, too. I am on the second book in the WWI series, and like you also at about the Restoration period, but I have been stalled on one book--I need to just sit down and read it exclusively so I can move on finally! I have yet to try any of the Bill Slider mysteries...maybe I need to rectify that! ;)


I have heard of The Other--I have only just started thinking about fall/ghost stories so maybe I will add it to my list! I also really like Simone St. James and her forthcoming book is on my wishlist, too! Too soon to add my name to a library list, but I will watch for it. I have several others by her as yet unread, however, so I might just pick one of those up this fall!


I don't want to get too far behind in the CHE WWI books, but I think maybe there won't be too many in any case--maybe four or five, do you know? I should try her mysteries, though you don't often see her books on bookstore shelves over here (at least not here in Omaha!). Now that I have said that and gone and looked at the public library catalog I see a whole slew of Bill Slider books--does it matter of they are read out of order? NOT that I need more books to think about--maybe just as well to focus on the WWI book and not get ahead of myself. I have only dipped into the Samson but it looks good and I like what little I read. I have read a number of Susan Hill's books and she does indeed do very good ghost stories! I think I have read The Woman in Black about three times and I would happily read it again--it has held up well over time and for multiple reads and not many books can say that! Too bad your husband didn't finish, but at least the books won't go to waste (actually a good thing to choose books you would like to read, too!).


I have that same problem--all those books bought ages ago and maybe read or not--but they sound so familiar....I just hate it when I forget I own something and buy a second copy (most often this happens when I spot a nice cheap copy at my favorite used bookstore!). I can only imagine how many copies of some books I have swimming around on my shelves. I am pretty sure I have never bought any of her books before though....

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