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Had to have the Down the Nile book so headed to Amazon to order it.


Meant to add I loved Connie Willis's Blackout and its follow up All Clear, I'm a big fan of her writing.

Michelle Ann

I suggest 'My Family and Other Animals' if you have not already read it. I think it was commissioned by the Corfu tourist office!
'The Flame Trees of Thika' is another child's view of life abroad, this time in East Africa. Not as amusing, but very atmospheric.
Connie Willis is an excellent storyteller, and 'Blackout' is very good, but she includes so much she could have made another half dozen books out of it. Buy the sequel 'All Clear' before you start reading it, as it is really all one (very long) novel.

Joan Kyler

It appears that you're off on an excellent journey - even if you never leave your house! Books are my preferred method of travel these days.


Loved BLACKOUT and ALL CLEAR, as well as FLAME TREES OF THIKA. How about Bill Bryson in Australia: IN A SUNBURNED COUNTRY is great.


I like Lucy Knisley a whole lot - I think An Age of License was my favorite of her travel books that I've read, but I liked French Milk and Displacement too. And mm, I had a whole lot of fun reading Blackout - when I'm in the mood for Connie Willis, I really love her.


Anything by Connie Willis is great. Her novel The Domesday Book is one of my all-time favourites. Thanks for this list.


It looks really good, doesn't it? I hope to get to it this month, too (now that I have given myself a good reason to start it!). ;)


I am not sure why I have not yet read her books--I have several of them--good to know you liked both books, thanks!


I caught the first episode of the adaptation of the Durell book and then decided I had to read it before watching, so I promptly started it (and loved what I read), but then got distracted as seems to happen A Lot with my nonfiction reading this year for some reason. I also have had a copy of Flame Trees for a very long time. It is nice when you come to a set of books and they are both already published, so I won't have to wait to read the continuation of the story! I am leaning heavily towards something by Connie Willis as my next choice (I have two books started but hope to finish one soon and pick up another as I very much like my stack of possibilities this month). And I sort of like that CW split the novel into two books (though I imagine it was frustrating at the time).


Certainly reading vacations are much simpler and less stressful than real travel and I won't be doing any traveling at all this year from the look of things. Thank goodness for books!


I had the Bryson out from the library just recently but I hate to admit it went back--I am sure it is good but the copy was so nasty (obviously much read....) that there was too much of an 'ick factor' in holding the book, so I will have to look for a nice used paperback I think. I have the other three so hopefully I will get to one of them (kind of wanting to try Connie Willis finally).


I think Lucy Knisley has written a lot more than I realize. I had to look up Age of License and you are right--it does sound good. If I read French Milk, maybe I will buy the other book as a treat! And Connie Willis seems quite popular and much read, so I think I should try one of her books soon!


As a matter of fact I have The Domesday Book (and I think I even know where it is). Hmm. Which to go for--WWII or the 14th century? Domesday seems to have gotten almost universally good reviews which is always a very good sign (and to call it an all-time favorite). Maybe I will dig it out this weekend!


Any of Bill Bryson's travel-related books would be a good choice--I loved them all (and I think I have them all, too). I have a copy of W. Somerset Maugham's The Skeptical Romancer on my TBR shelf that looks like it will be excellent, though I haven't started it yet.

Not that you need any more, but if you're feeling the need for some comfort reading, you can't beat vintage Mary Stewart! Her heroines are always going someplace I want to go.


I have read a few of Bill Bryson's books, but it has been ages since the last one. I really want to read his book about homes--rather the things that make up a home, but it is a chunky book if I recall correctly. And I have One Summer, too, which I have always wanted to reach for, but my NF reading has been stalled this year--I keep starting new books and finishing none of them. :( I looked at a Mary Stewart or two, but was thinking Cornwall sounded such a nice destination--may have to pull those Stewarts out again.

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