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Bookish projects. Would I dare to make one already?
I like the different angles you approach your reading from. But I guess it is to soon as I am only slowly returning to some reading routine.
For now I will be content with some poetry, Marie Kondo and Sanne van Havelte. What I will add though is (finding)a RIP short story in the coming week. Off to search :). Wishing you a lovely weekend.


Josephine Tey's Miss Pym Disposes is on my books in progress but neglected pile - Would that count as a school related book? I also have Joanne Harris's Gentlemen and Players and Blue Eyed Boy, unread, on my shelves.

RIP reading is never hard to find, although being possessed of an over-active imagination, I have to make sure to read the books in daylight!
I think I will read a couple of the Susan Hill ghost stories that I bought for my husband - they are very neat books and will be quick reads but I haven't decided which ones yet.
I am making an early start on spooky reading though as I have just got the latest of Phil Rickman's Merrily Watkins novels about a female vicar who is also a deliverance specialist (I.e exorcist) and I really want to start it as I love the series: it is one of those that I grab as soon as I can, read quickly and then wish I didn't have to wait so long for the next to come out!
Hope you have a lovely weekend and make headway in your books in progress!


School stories -- A Separate Peace, Goodbye, Mr Chips and the Harry Potter books--I know they're not novels but Hogwarts!


I seem to be making enough for all o us! It's definitely worth celebrating the fact that you are back into a reading routine. Hopefully once you are settled back into your nice new space (will there be a small break before Tim's office undergoes renovations?) you can add something more to you poetry. You will have to tell me which story you decide to read. I have only started thinking about RIP reading and am no sure what I am in the mood for. There must be a good ghost story out there for me.


I really need to read that Tey (or any of her other books). It is one of the titles I am toying with for my next prompt--as usual my list is longer than I know I can manage. If I read two books from it, I am doing really well, so which book to start with. I *loved* Gentleman and Players and you HAVE to read it! I have BlueeyedBoy, which I want to read, but it sounds a little chilling--maybe a good choice since it will also be time for scary fall stories, too. I have several novels by Susan Hill--they might all have been read by now as I love her ghost stories--I am not sure where they all are--I think they are not sitting in the piles together sadly. I do have (maybe the first) a Phil Rickman novel--thanks for the reminder as I think that is one I actually can get to easily. That does appeal and maybe a Simone St James novel, too. I am so looking forward to the long forthcoming weekend.


I read A Separate Peace when I was in school and was thinking I should reread, though heaven knows where my copy if! I have never read Goodbye Mr Chips--will see if my library has it. And by chance I am actually rereading the Harry Potter books. I am only on the first one, as I saw the whole run of movies at the theater just this last month. It was great seeing them back to back and makes me really eager to revisit the books. I think I am enjoying it more the second time around than the first!


GOOD BYE MR. CHIPS is a natural. Lord, that book makes me cry. What about GAUDY NIGHT?


Surely my library will have the Hilton and wasn't it made into a movie (will look that up,too). I have read (and loved) Gaudy Night and it would be well worth a reread. I totally admire Harriet Vane and have ever since wanted to at least read the mysteries featuring her.... and now (of course) thinking about this now makes me want to go find the list of those books in order and start reading....


Peter Wimsey does that to a person. I've been reading him since college, wayyyyyy back in 1975.


Just saw this article on school stories for adults in The NY Times --if you are still looking for ideas, some of these look enticing


I don't know why I have not read all of Sayers's books. I think I stumbled on the first Lord Wimsey novel, but maybe I need to try Strong Poison since it introduces Harriet and then just read those books first? Have you read the continuations of the story that Jill Paton Walsh has written and did you like them if so?


So this is really cruel, but I have met my limit of online articles I can read this month of the NYT! I will have to wait until September now, to access that article. Sigh. I understand why they want you to subscribe, but I really hate that you can only read a few each month. Thanks for the link, though, and I will get to it eventually (as you can never have enough recommendations, right?!).


Definitely! I hear you about the limit. It has a way of running out just when there's a fascinating article ;)


And sometimes I click on a link out of curiosity not realizing I am using up one of my 'views' and then I don't even read the article. Sigh.

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