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Can't remember how lond ago it is since I last read a comic book, let alone one in a series. So off to search again and although Brian K. Vaughan showed up not this series. Out of luck today it seems. Best not do any more searching today and be content with the book I am reading just now: Marie Kondo's Spark Joy.


argh, 'long' it should have been, so why don't I see that before I hit send.


Marie Kondo's book sounds really good and I should really see if I can find a copy since I have been thinking a lot (and even doing a bit of decluttering) of paring down of stuff. I can get rid of a lot of things and not feel at all sad, but books would be more problematic. Maybe small steps to start? I have been getting rid of things I had when I was married, but didn't quite want to get rid of before, but now my sense of attachment to lots of things is really dwindling! I think Brian K. Vaughan ha written a lot of comics, but this is the only one I have read by him. I am quite enjoying it--a little out there and weird, but sometimes it is fun to just let go and not worry about things being so very realistic. I do hate it when I see a book I cannot get my hands on, so I totally sympathize!!


No worries--I know what you mean! :) And it had been a really long time since I read comics, too!


As much as I like Spark Joy by Marie Kondo, I think I do like The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-up, her first book more. So if you find you want to read her you might start with that book.

Kathy That sounds like a wild ride, for sure, but fun. When I was in Santa Fe, I went to this really cool interactive art thing called The House of Eternal Return, and that's what Paper Girls makes me think of. (FYI, my nickname is KJ, though only a couple of people ever call me that.)

I'm actually reading a graphic novel right now (among other things, of course), called My Favorite Thing Is Monsters. I'm not very far in, but the art and story are both amazing.


I will see if my library has any of her books! ...Hey, we haver the Life-Changing Magic...but it is checked out at the moment. I will watch for when it comes back in! Thanks!


Comics are sort of wild and sometimes when I try a new one it is just a little too 'out there' for me--or I am just not in the right mood, but I have quite enjoyed all these and look forward to the next one. I would love to visit Santa Fe and will have to look up The House of Eternal Return-sounds like fun. I'll have to check out that comic--it sounds familiar and I think I must have seen it on a list somewhere!

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