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Since part of the premise is the retirement of 1 of the quartet, and I'm getting close to retirement age, all I could think was...please don't let this be me. lol! Still I enjoyed it.


What a gorgeous copy. I enjoy Pym because her characters all seem so real. I read her books years ago and have been slowly rereading them. They are just as much of a pleasure as I remembered.


I'm afraid I started it but didn't finish, I'm just not that keen on Pym. Anne Tyler writes well about the old and solitary with empathy.


I've only read one book by Pym, but I remember liking it and wanting to read more. This sounds like a good autumn seasonal read, too.


I know the feeling just reading the few chapters I have (and still having some time before I can even think of retiring--will I ever be able to afford to retire??) I have had a few moments of--'I know that feeling!'.


Not to be too shallow but the book is very pretty.... I know I can see myself in some of those characters, so for me they are very relatable. I have only read a few of her books but I am enjoying slowly working my way through them now.


Do you have a particular Anne Tyler novel in mind? I hate to admit it but I have a gaping hole in my reading history when it comes to her books, though I seem to own an awful of them!


Which did you read? I think I started with Excellent Women which must be her most famous and which I loved. Most recently I think I read Crampton Hodnet which I loved. I am all ready for autumn, but I can't complain too much as the weather has not been bad at all this month--even with the few warmer than I like days! ;)


I read Crampton Hodnet, which I think I learned about through your blog.

The weather here has been just awful ("feels like" temps over 100 for weeks at a time, OR near constant rain, take your pick), but I can see a change in the light, which means fall, such as it will be, is on the way. It can't get here soon enough.


Starting to feel like autumn here now which is a bit of a shame since we don't really seem to have had much of a summer - just odd days here and there.
I read a lot of Barbara Pym years ago when I was far younger than most of the characters so I really should re-read them now or will I find them a bit too close to home?


It was not as miserable of a summer as it could have been but I am happy to see cooler weather on the horizon. NOT ready for snow or anything, but cool is good. I am very much loving the Pym, but I hate to say I see myself a little too clearly in some of her characters.... (is it good as in 'universal' or bad as in 'misfit'---no, don't answer that--lol).


I hope you are not going to be affected by the hurricane? I can't complain about the weather here for once, and thankfully nothing at all severe, so fingers crossed for you. And if you liked Crampton Hodnet, you should check out Quartet in Autumn as I am very much enjoying it!


I am just hoping that libraries still exist in a recognisable form when (if) I get chance to retire!

Buried In Print

I've been wanting to reread this one for years but probably would have elected for a new one if you hadn't been so keen on this one, and I'm so glad that you were, because I am just loving the reread. There are so many layers to the characters which I didn't notice as clearly before. And, yes, as others have commented, they are a little TOO lifelike at times. :-)


I would hope so, though you never know these days. Of course I have so many unread books I don't really need a whole library as I have my own! :) (Still want access to the new....).


This is (actually all the Pym novels I have read so far, though there have only been a few considering how many she has written) definitely one worthy of rereading. I am not sure I would have known what to make of the story had I read it when I was 20. Somehow, good or bad, I am not sure, it really resonates with me right now! I am glad you decided to read along (as I enjoy the conversations) and I am glad I finally decided I really did need to pick it up. I thought of reading it last summer, but it never happened. Now I want to read all the rest of her books (typical....).

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