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Did you see the eclips or did it not pass your state? We saw one many years ago in Scotland.
I searched this book and author but was unable to find her in any Dutch library which I think is a pity. I like the teaser.


I think the book is really really new and is only just being published in early September, so maybe it will still be published in Europe and you will find a copy in the near future. I have just started reading and am quite enjoying it! The eclipse did pass over Nebraska and actually the western part of the state was in the path of totality--it was one of the good places to view a total eclipse. In Omaha we only had 98/99% eclipse and it was a bit overcast, but we all went outside and it was still very cool to see!


I have added this to my list but as you say it isn't out here yet so I will have to wait to see if the library will buy it! Hope they do, it looks very good.


I really like what I have read so far, and I can't wait to get into it more, but I am trying hard to finish several books that were meant to be August reads and now the month is quickly winding down! She does have a couple of other books out there which also look good, but I am going to try and ignore them for the moment. I always do this--read one book by a new author and then immediately want to pick up their other works if I like what I am reading. I am sure it will be published in the UK, too, however and it is well worth looking for!

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