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Kimberly Howlett

I have bought all the Richard Drury books & have read them in order ... they are wonderful ... one wants to live in the featured village ...


I love all of Martha Grimes books. Probably the Jury ones should be read in order to get his life straight.


Now I wonder, did you manage to get in the John Burnside Something Like Happy mood this weekend?
Did you manage to read at all? I did (a little) :).

Buried In Print

I'm no help on that Grimes series as I ended up reading one in the middle years ago and have never gotten back: I'll be interested to see what others say (and it only makes sense to read them in order of course).

Are you planning to order the Advent calendar again? It was such fun to read them each day (or, mostly, each day). That Alexie is so good; I still think back to one scene in particular. Now you've reminded me that I have his memoir here, ready to go. It sounds so hard and so necessary.

Thought of you the other day, reading a short story by John Metcalf set in a boarding school, but I knew you had plenty of other things already chosen for your prompt. What's more fun than reading about school!?


I love books like that which makes these so appealing and why I am all of a sudden in the mood for a good detective novel. All the more so when it sounds like the setting is part of the fun. I have a few of the books but they are assorted and not in any order, but maybe best to start with the first.


Thanks, that is really helpful. Sometimes it matters and other times not so much. I tend to always want to ready mysteries in order, but I thought I only had later books in the series. It turns out I do have the first one and even found it in my piles of books! :)


I did, as you saw! Now I am trying to read a story a day or every other day or so--best to read an entire story. He has been the perfect author to help me get back into my story reading!


It sounds as though it is best to start at the beginning which is what I suspected but sort of felt lazy about it all. Sometimes things don't quite get going with that first book or two and I want to just dive in. But I will be good and have pulled out the book--happily a nice little mass market that is easily portable.

I am indeed going to get that advent calendar and have added my name to the email list, though if you see it soon, please let me know as I know they do sell out. It was much fun, though I think I never did get around to reading that last Doyle story, did you?

Oh, yes, want to read that Alexie--I want to finish Bilgewater first, but then I was thinking after it I would pick up another of Gardam's books. See how my logic goes? Finish one book start two new ones.

Which Metcalf story did you read? I want to try and get back into my New Yorker habit. How bad that I have a year's worth (at this point all virtual/digital copies) of New Yorker stories to read. I wonder if I could even read them all before the end of the year? One a day?!

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