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Kathy're reading along "in spirit" hee :) These all sound so good--just nicely spooky without being "sleep with the light on" scary. I was trying to think of Simone St. James' name today while I was perusing the used books at my library. I think I would have remembered it if I had seen one of her books, but alas, they had none. I came home with a stack of magazines instead.

Joan Kyler

Some of the books you write about sound very good, the first one especially. I agree with you about 'reading season', although I have to admit that I'm very good at picturing myself reading in all seasons. In a spring meadow, in a hammock with a glass of iced tea, snuggled up in a big comfy chair with a cup of hot tea, or, well, ditto fall for winter but maybe in front of a fire. I don't do 'read alongs', but I'll probably read some scary books this fall.


I like the sound of all of them. The only book I have is Asylum.
I love this season too. They layering season. I love wearing jackets and light coats and, like you, sleeping well with an open window and a quilt.


That's it! (Pun intended! ;) ). I want something nicely atmospheric and maybe sort of ghostly but not gruesome. And I think I want to read some short stories, though I have read loads of ghostly short stories so I need to do some looking around to find some new favorites. I really like Simone St. James--she tells a good story and I was also thinking of Susanna Kearsley who does a nice time slip story and it has been far too long since I have read any of her books!


I have sort of been leaning towards that first title as a matter of fact. The setting is quite appealing, but I also want to try and finish a book or two before picking it (or another one) up right away. We'll see how long I last! It has been on the brisk side here and I even pulled out a light fleecy jacket this morning to wear on my morning walk to the bus stop. I love this sort of weather. I don't really do proper readalongs (with the exception of reading with a fellow reader in tandem), but I do like reading--alongside on my own sometimes. I have to read a few ghost stories in fall, too!


I have had a small stack of Patrick McGrath's books for ages! I think at one time I read some reviews of a few of his books on Litlove's blog, so I will have to go in search of them--I seem to recall she liked what she read, but now I can't quite remember. His books do seem suitably atmospheric and would work nicely. I am very ready for cooler weather and have already been thinking of pulling out light sweaters and long sleeves from my closet. I don't want winter yet, just temps that invite warm beverages and sweatshirts! ;) Hope all is well with you, Caroline!


The only one of the books you mention that I have read is The Greatcoat which I read a few years ago. It definitely has some very creepy moments - not one to read on your own at night - and I did enjoy it although I'm not sure about the ending.
It also has the merit of being quite a short slim book too so it wouldn't weigh down your book bag on the way to work!

The Sarah Maine book looks intriguing so when I saw that the library has a copy, I just had to request it! They have another book by her too so I might request that too if I like The House Between Tides.

I haven't read many of Susanna Kearsley's books but I did enjoy The Shadowy Horses which is set on an archaeological dig close to Hadrian's Wall and is suitably spooky.


Maybe you had mentioned the Greatcoat to me before and that uncertain ending--which is likely why I keep looking at it but not starting it. I generally very much like her books (and so very sad that she passed away at such a young age). But as you say, it is not a thick book so you don't have to worry about putting too much time and emotion into the reading in case it doesn't quite work. All this thinking of books and I have ordered one by Carol Goodman--have you read her? I am sure you would like her--I especially like her earlier books. I have ordered a recent book, The Widow's House, which sounded appealing. Need to get some 'fresh' ghost stories, though. I did see Sarah Maine has another book, but I will start with this newer novel. Always good to know there is another book in the wings if you like her. And I have Shadowy Houses--looks like SK has nothing new coming out, but then I have several unread books, so why am I wishing for more??


I have probably done The Greatcoat a disservice: most of the book is atmospheric and really builds the tension and parts of it were responsible for my leaving all the lights on when I found myself home alone as I read it! Who knows, you might feel the end works for you better than it did for me. I really loved Birdcage Walk, Helen Dunmore's last novel, by the way, it is a really absorbing novel that completely drew me in.

I have read a few of Carol Goodman's books and I did enjoy most of them although I recall giving up on the last one as it wasn't grabbing me. That was a few years ago now so maybe I should give her another try - I will look out for the title you mention!

I'm in no position to comment on why you are wishing for more books by an author when you already have a backlog of his or her earlier works as I am equally likely to do the same thing!


So now you make me want to pick it up this weekend! I will set the Dunmore next to the Goodman and see which one grabs me and save the other one for my second (?) choice/read. I had The Birdcage Walk out from the library but, no surprise, I didn't get to it. I think I was just not really in the mood for historical fiction, but I will get to it. Maybe I'll get a paperback copy from the UK....

I agree that Carol Goodman's earlier novels were more engaging than some of her more recent books. I also sort of lost interest, but I am hoping enough time has passed and this newer one is as good as it sounds and will grab me. I am always wishing for new books!

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