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I had Old Filth in my online cart recently and ended up not getting it. Your review is making me regret that since obviously this is an author I need to read.


Bilgewater sounds great, but I think my next move will be to find her book of short stories somewhere in my stacks, or should I say piles, once I finish my book of William Trevor short stories and some Alice Munro short stories I'm supposed to read. You also made me ask myself who I want to read all of--Elizabeth Taylor, Penelope Fitzgerald and Barbara Pym come to mind right away...


Wonderful review! I need to read Gardam. I think her stories are some I would greatly enjoy.

Margaret @ BooksPlease

I really like Jane Gardam's books too. I haven't read Bilgewater yet, but it's sitting on my TBR shelves - I must get round to it soon.


I loved Old Filth, and like you want to read more and possibly all of what Jane Gardam has written. Definitely putting this one one the list--it sounds wonderful.


She has knack for quaint names, at the very least!

Buried In Print

This is definitely my favourite of her books, but mainly because it was my first (and because of her bookishness and the setting and and and). Her short stories are terrific, very accessible and charming. Sometimes with an unexpected and understated edge, which suits perfectly. I think you'll love them. She is one of my MustReadEverything authors too!


I loved Bilgewater too! I am about to read Faith Fox and am really looking forward to it.


She is definitely worth reading. I have liked the few books by her I have read and am happy to know there are still more for me to pick up eventually!


I had to have the book when it came out in hardcover. I did read a number of stories from it. That is the nice thing with short stories, though. You can easily pick up a collection and set it aside and still enjoy it and not feel like yo have lost the thread. All the authors you mention are marvelous. Did you choose one to read next? I love Elizabeth Taylor's short stories and read one of her collections last year (I think it was...). Have you read any stories by Daphne du Maurier? She also ranks up there as a favorite for me. I might even pull one of my collections down by her and do a little rereading now that I think of it.


She is wonderful and I need to read More of her!


I loved Bilgewater and think you will enjoy it, too. Can she write a bad book??


Yeah, she is a 'must read all her work' authors. I want to read the two sequels (or is on a prequel?) to Old Filth, too.


Yes, she does. She is very clever in her writing--clever in a good way!


Yeah, I can totally see why. I am glad now that I didn't pick up another book by her right away since I loved Bilgewater so much. Then you risk the next book paling in comparison--only because you loved the first one so much. But maybe I will pick up another book by her this year yet. (Famous words I speak ALL the time--heh).


Faith Fox is on my wishlist. Is it being published next month? Must go check that out. She is a very prolific writer--some of her books are even OOP--how can that be?


I did pick up a book of Elizabeth Taylor’s but ended up choosing something else. I’m on a bit of an Austen binge and reading the excellent Longbourn by Jo Baker, the servant’s perspective on Pride and Prejudice and so well done. Funny you should mention Daphne du Maurier, my online book club just read The Birds last week. She is certainly the mistress of suspense and finding the spooky in the every day.


I read Jo Longbourn's book, too and really liked the unusual perspective. She had some great lines in it. Have you seen the movie adaptation of The Birds. I was surprised (though maybe should not have been) by how much darker the story was. She does that unnerving atmospheric creepiness so very well. I am in the mood for her stories now.

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