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So happy to read how much you like John Burnside's short stories. Maybe you will one day add his poetry to that. He is a favourite as you will probably know by now.


Yes, I love his writing and am so happy you introduced him to me. (And also Ludovico Einaudi who I listen to all the time!). He writes the things I feel inside, or at least I understand only too well where he is coming from. I really will have to try his poetry--my library only has one of his novels, but maybe I will ILL one of his poetry books! I's just sorry I let the book languish so long on my night table, but I will finish it this month perhaps now!

Buried In Print

My library has only a couple of novels and some poetry, more if one could get to the reference library to read on site (not for borrowing); I'm keenly interested and would definitley pick up a copy of this collection!

I've got big ideas about reading all the Stella Prize nominees but I've done a terrible job of doing anything about those ideas (so far, anyway). I can't think of an Australian novel or collection that I have not enjoyed; I should make a point of it!


I think you would really like it as the stories have a lot of the same or similar themes to them--especially perfect coming after the Pym. I always want to read the Stella books but it is totally hit or miss with me and it is surprising almost that I even managed Emily Bitto's The Strays. It was really good and one I wholeheartedly recommend. I have decided that there is something a little different about Australian movies and books--there is a different personality or quirkiness to them, which I very much like.


I have let my short story reading wither on the vine recently - a shame since I was doing so well last year, working my way through a compilation of Rudyard Kipling's short stories and reading others as well.
Not sure why I stopped but I really should start again.


I just started a William Trevor short story collection, Cheating at Canasta, and based on the first three stories, I'm seriously impressed with how very, very good a writer he is. So I'll add John Burnside to the "read someday list". I've read more short stories than usual, but many of them were Sherlock Holmes stories delightfully read by Stephen Fry....


I have sort of kind of gotten back to it myself--I am hoping to at least finish this collection by the end of the month which is very quickly approaching! I have a big thick collection of Kipling's stories--you are good to have gotten into it. Poor short stories often seem to suffer since they are so easy to set down and not feel like you cannot pick them up later.


Once you have gotten through the Trevor collection you will want to read all his books--and he published quite a few. I have a nice little stack which I have been very slowly working my way through. Ah, yes, that someday list--I have something like it myself. I think all short stories count and it can be great fun to read a variety--I have never tried Stephen Fry--another author to explore!


Never heard of him, it seems interesting... Isnt't it time for a new mail package? ;) I should start to think about something...


I had not either but a friend sent me this book for a gift and she knows me well as I love his writing! I think it is time for a new mailing--I was thinking the same thing. And not to give a spoiler, but I think I will have to let you try at least one Burnside story.... :)

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