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I will be interested to know what you think of the Tana French if you get around to reading it. I have read all her books so far and have enjoyed some more than others - some could do with a bit more editing in my humble opinion and I recall that this was one of those.

I have a fair few of the novels of Laura Lippmann, Jane Gardam and Curtis Sittenfeld but ironically I don't think I have copies of any of the books you mention - and you are not the only one to have not yet read the latter. Maybe it is time I remedied that - if I can remember where they are!


It is a great idea, the reading prompts you made for yourself. I am already curious which ones you will find for 2018.


Do start with Bilgewater! It is delightful and hilarious.


Looks like lots of fun, with several authors I already know and like (Gardham, Tey, Lippman). Don't think you can go wrong here. Now all you need is to buy some new school supplies and you're all set.


Looks like a great set of choices. I've never heard of Bilgewater but loved Old Filth by Jane Gardam and am going to add it to my TBR. Laura Lippman is hard to beat. Look forward to hearing what you chose!

For me, my September month theme is "I've got a little list" with the idea that I'll read one of those you-should-read-this books that I've never read. So maybe I'll tackle Candide or Fahrenheit 451 or The Grapes of Wrath or Kindred or..... ;)


That is probably why I struggled so much to get into it. Surely a thriller/mystery shouldn't take so much time to get going? But then maybe it was just my mood at the time. I had read all her books up to that point as well, but I think there is now another book that has come out since this one....?

I have liked the Laura Lippman novels I have read so far, but I have picked up Bilgewater first and like it very much. I seem to have most of Jane Gardam's books, though I think I have only read some of her short stories and Old Filth. Have yet to read Curtis Sittenfeld. Am I the last reader to say that? Okay You and Me both! ;)


I have very much enjoyed the prompts and when I made the list of them I stuck to pretty ordinary and predictable themes. I might jazz it up for 2018 but I want to make sure I still find the themes inviting enough to stick to them! What shall I do for next year....? Hmm!


And yes, that is the book I have chosen! It is indeed delightful and a little quirky and I love Marigold!


I have more books that appeal to me and that I want to read than time in which to read them--how often do I say that? And over the weekend I went to the bookstore and can add a book by Sherman Alexie and Perks of Being a Wallflower to the pile as well!


I think Jane Gardam's books are now being published or reissued here in the US. And I think Bilgewater is an earlier one. I am very much liking it if you decide you also want to check it out. Laura Lippman is great and I really do need to pick up the next of her series books. I like your prompts--I am going to try for some that are a little less predictable (for each month) in 2018. I hate to think how many books are on my own little list!


I have read Prep, but it's not my favorite Sittenfeld. As for Back to school, I watched the movie The Prime of Miss Brodie with young Maggie Smith last week!


And I have yet to read any books by Sittenfeld, but maybe it doesn't matter where I start with her work. I kind of want to read her newer book Eligible as apparently it is going to be filmed, which sounds interesting. I have read The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie twice or three times now (it's so good) and seen the movie as well, which I thought really good. I should revisit the film as well--it is a classic!

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