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As you might imagine, I love that snippet of story you provided. I also love the feeling of connection with an author, that feeling of "I'm not alone." I'm not familiar with John Burnside, but based on your quote I think I should make his acquaintance.


He's wonderful and I think you would like him. His prose is beautiful--I swear poets write the most beautiful prose. I am going to give his poetry a try now and am waiting for a couple of books to come in from the library--so that tells you something as I am not the best poetry reader!


Would love to check out his poetry. I often feel lost with poetry but I keep on at it because I feel like that's part of it's magic. I've also signed up for Season of Stories but need to catch up.


I have two of his poetry books now checked out from the library and hope to get to them soon now! Maybe I will try some and post here later? :)

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