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Thank you for making the decision of what to read next for me! I have had this in my library pile for a couple of weeks waiting for the right moment and your review makes me think that that moment has come.


You're welcome! I really liked it--one of those books, as weird as this sounds, that I was happy to read, enjoyed and then felt like it was a really worthy book, too, and not just fluffy entertainment, if you know what I mean. You'll have to let me know what you think! I had my copy sitting close by for ages, too!


I'm completely unfamiliar with this book and its author but you have certainly grabbed my attention. My next stop this morning will be my library's website!

Buried In Print

I like the whole looking-back-understanding-more-now thing. So Alice-Munro-ish. The Stella Prize is one which adds books to my TBR in a clump, but I haven't done a great job of following up with that list; at first, it's because availability is delayed (rights in Canada, etc.) but then I simply get distracted. Well, you know how it is!


I know it only recently was published in the US and I am not sure how much it has been reviewed, but it is a wonderful read and I quite enjoyed it. I hope your library has a copy!


It takes a long time for Australian writers to be published in the US and even in the UK where I try and find books I have noticed there is a lag. I should really read more Alice Munro--I have quite a few of her story collections and if she is like Emily Bitto we will get on well--I have read a number of her stories, but now that I think of it--have I read a collection in its entirety? Didn't we read one together? Or did I ever finish it..... I do know how it is. Only too well!

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