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Good to have you back Sorry for your troubles


I'm sorry to hear you have been sick and about the death in your family. I hope life eases up on you now.


Sorry to hear about all the stuff you've had to deal with Danielle. Take your time and find comfort in the things you love. I think clearing of the pending stacks was probably a good mood. That way you don't feel overwhelmed by all the stuff waiting for you. Love your stitching projects and look forward to what you create. Hugs!


Fall seems like a good time for inside pursuits like needlework (or reading). So many beautiful fall designs to pick from...I look forward to seeing which one(s) you pick. I always enjoy the peeks at your progress. And, I'm so sorry for your and your family's loss. Please accept my sympathies.


Good to have you back. I'm so sorry for your loss. And isn't it nice to have comforting books and stitching to turn to when needed?

Joan Kyler

I was starting to worry about your absence. I'm sorry for your loss.
You introduced me to The Prairie Schooler and I thank you for that. I bought several of their books and patterns but haven't needlepointed any of them yet. One day, when the world is calmer ..... I never remember Halloween, my favorite holiday, until it's almost here and it's too late to stitch anything. I do have enough Halloween cards to last me for many, many years!


Thanks Cathy. It is good to get back to a bit of normalcy now!


Thanks Linda-I didn't write my post out well--I was actually not ill (though it sounded as if I was when I read it, too!). I am fine, but my dad was ill and then passed away last week. It will be a while before I think all is well again, but things have indeed started to ease up thankfully!


Thanks Iliana. Life was crazy for a while but I am looking forward to some quiet and a more normal routine. I really needed a nice new direction and books with no sad connotations. That bit of creativity certainly helps the mind, too, doesn't it?!


Indoor activities like stitching are most welcome now. I do have a nice selection to choose from and am eager to work on them as well. I hadn't felt like it for so long now. Thank you for the kind words and sympathies--they are most appreciated.


Thanks Pam. It was a rough few weeks and has been difficult since mid-summer. I am really glad to have books and needlework as a good distraction!


I felt really bad not checking in here--I think that was the longest break I have ever taken from blogging aside from short vacations. It feels good to be back though I am not quite yet inspired enough to write about the books I finished in the last couple of months. Soon, I hope. I like Halloween for the stitching designs a lot and know just what you mean by not planning ahead. I was almost thinking I should pick an Easter design or something considering how long it takes me to work on things (and Finish them). I am having a little stitching surge of energy so maybe I will even finish one or two small ones this month!


I'm sorry to hear about your loss, Danielle. It's certainly been a rough year for so many. Sending you healing thoughts and a virtual hug.

I always enjoy seeing your stitching projects, and they are great for distracting the mind.


Thanks Kathy! October has not been the best of months, that's for sure. It has been awful all over, too, with all the extreme weather as well. I have been stitching just a little bit every day--there is something a little therapeutic about it. I know I always wish I had just a little more extra time to devote to it when I do pull it out!


So many good choices for stitching! Is your stitching stash as big as your book stash? How do you keep your stitching stuff organized? I ask because my knitting stuff is a disaster :)


I have been working on the little pumpkin this weekend. Ah, my stash is a complete mess right now. I store almost everything in bins--depending on whether it is just the chart, chart plus the supplies, and then bins for supplies only, and then there are the bins for the in progress projects, which are the messiest. I have this habit of raiding one project for floss or needles (and sometimes for linen) when I run out of something on a project that I am actually stitching at the moment. Then so much time passes that I forget what I stole from some ignored project. It would take a good solid weekend to sort it out, I think. I do need to weed and get rid of a big chunk of things. It's so sad to think of the designs I have either lost interest in or know I just will never have time for! Sigh.

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