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I'm putting my brain into overdrive, but so far...nothing. I'll keep thinking.


I really enjoyed all these !
Jill Paton Walsh is the author of four detective stories featuring Imogen Quy, the nurse at St. Agatha's, a fictional Cambridge college: The Wyndham Case (1993), A Piece of Justice (1995), Debts of Dishonour (2006) and The Bad Quarto (2007).


I can think of some set in the Cambridge area but not necessarily the city itself. Will have to put my thinking cap on!


Well, I have no suggestions but now I want to read the same thing!


I think the Imogen Quy series by Jill Paton Walsh is set in Cambridge, where the heroine detective works at a college. I've read A Piece of Justice the second in series, and from my notes in Goodreads, it's set in .Cambridge and the English countryside. Enigma by Robert Harris is a great WWII thriller with spies and secret codes, but it's set in Bletchley Park. Set not too far from Cambridge but not in it -- Nine Tailors by Dorothy Sayers and the children's Green Knowe series by L.M. Boston. Oh and Gates of Angels, a novel s by Penelope Fitzgerald, is set in Cambridge. And Period Piece by Gwen Raverat is about her childhood growing up in Cambridge. I'm sure there are lots more but that's all I can think of right now...

Michelle Ann

Enigma by Robert Harris starts off very atmospherically in a cold winter in Cambridge, but as mentioned above, does move to Bletchley Park.

Heather Bon

The Gate of Angels by Penelope Fitzgerald. It won't let you down!

Buried In Print

Would a reread of Handmaid's Tale be too creepy? Hee hee


One I can think of is "Police at the Funeral", a 1930's whodunnit by Margery Allingham. But I will make a small spoilerish warning that the racial attitudes expressed by one character are confronting.


Mistress of the Art of Death by Ariana Franklin - though I feel like maybe I heard about that one from you? Also Ghostwalk by Rebecca Stott.


Ghostwalk is a good one that I had forgotten about.
The Children of Green Knowe is one of my all-time favourite books and one that I have re-read as an adult and still find magical. It would fit your ghostly theme although I always think of it as a perfect book to read at Christmas. Set in the area between Cambridge and Huntingdon I think but not Cambridge itself.


Totally off topic ....just a heads up most Mary Stewart Novels have appeared on Kindle ..A lot are priced just 99 cents the max price is 2-99 (except for King Arthur types)
just in case you are interested

Anne Roy

I, a Canadian have lived in Cambridge for 20 years & this would be an ace choice ... reading it, I could 'see' various places mentioned.


Doesn't Susan Hill have some books set in Cambridge? Ok, gotta think about this one a bit more!


P.D. James' AN UNSUITABLE JOB FOR A WOMAN takes place in and around Cambridge.

Liz Inskip Paulk

I've just finished a novel called "Cambridge" by Carryl Phillips, which has some scenes set in that beautiful city... Very good.

I have just started reading Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan which takes place in Cambridge U.K. ... the story is current with the author mentioning many notable places ... Anne, Canadian who lives in Cambridge U.K.


When you least expect it you will come across a slew of books that will work--but in my case, usually the moment/mood has passed--lol.


I have taken up your suggestion and ordered the first of the Imogen Quy books (which I hope arrives sometime soon!). I like the sound of them and wonder how I missed them before. They sound right up my alley.


I have started the P.D. James that someone suggested but it is early days yet. I like it so far but setting has not quite kicked in. I still plan on picking up some other Cambridge set books, so if something comes to mind, please share. :)


That happens to me ALL the time and how I manage to get myself into trouble with too many books started at once....


You are the second reader to mention Imogen Quy and so I had to order the first mystery. Am waiting for it to arrive in the mail now! I also thought of Enigma and pulled my copy out. And also pulled out the Penelope Fitzgerald AND bought the L.M. Boston book (well, the first one anyway). How bad is that? They all sit there waiting for me as I have started reading the P.D. James-Cordelia Grey book! Lots of good suggestions--I always know you will come up with some reliably good ones--thanks!


Atmosphere is a good thing right now. I have my copy at hand. And Bletchley is just the sort of setting I want even if it is not quite Cambridge. Atmosphere!


Wonderful--I own a lot of books by PF--have pulled it from my shelves, thanks!


I love it when a book makes a place come to life like that--so good to hear that about this one.


That certainly is a different kind of atmosphere! I think that is the one book I have reread most often and likely will read again, too!


I like Margery Allingham and have been meaning to pick up again with the Albert Campion mysteries. He is quirky but in a good way. The racial attitudes seem to be prevalent sometimes in books of this era, but thanks for the heads up!


I have both books, somewhere.... So many books I own and have not read, but then they come is so handy at moments like this! Ghostwalk sounds most appealing right now, too.


So now I want to pull out my copy of Ghostwalk but heaven knows where it is! I ordered Children of the Green Knowe--I thought I would read it now, but after seeing your comment about Christmas, I might save it. I think I may need it about then!


I don't mind off topic! Thanks for the heads up--that is good to know. I think I might have most of her books in paperback, but maybe not. I am interested, of course. :) I have noticed that a lot of Ruth Rendell books are ebooks now and often on sale. I have most of her books, too, but I am still very tempted since they are handy to have on my tablet to read at the gym!


She might. I would not be surprised. I wonder if her Simon Serrailler books are set there?


Bingo! Guess what I have started to read! ;)


Have just looked it up and you are right it Does sound good. I might have to get a copy now! Thanks!


Hi Anne. Lucky you--you get to be there! I bet it is as beautiful as I imagine it. I have added the Callaghan book to my wishlist--I love a book that gives a strong sense of place! Thanks.

K. Harris

It took me a day or two to remember the mystery I was thinking of. Christine Poulson has written one called Murder is Academic, set in Cambridge and the protagonist is an English professor.

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