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I thoroughly enjoyed The Madeleine Project. And I agreed w the author in her bridge between the seasons, was it her right to put Madeleine's life online? Clair really seemed to struggle with this. That said, I'm glad she did. It was a quick read, but a good one. And reminded me to make sure to toss anything/everything I don't want online after my demise. lol!


What an interesting book. Did the writer ever say if she looked to get permission to share Madeleine's life online? I don't think I would have as many misgivings had this been a journal from a long time ago but given that it was from someone who had died relatively recent I would have felt a bit odd sharing that. And, here's where I'm a big hypocrite - I want to read it! :)


I'd love to read this. I'm interested in other people's lives, and it's a bonus that she lived in Paris. How very delightful.


I remember she talked to the next of kin (a nephew I think) about getting Madeleine's things out of the apartment. When Clara discovered the storage room, I don't think he was interested in what might be there. He left it up to her to get rid of everything.

Joan Kyler

You may have solved the problem of what to do with the diaries & journals I've been Keeping since 1963! ( We're about to move, so I can just leave them all behind! No, I think I'll hold on to them for a bit longer.


Oh thank you for sharing that! I imagined she probably had tried to reach out to someone. So definitely must leave a note to my family on what to do with my journals! haha...

Buried In Print

Evrey time you mention this one, I scurry off to the library, but they haven't purchased it yet. I know, I know: I should brush off an ILL form, but I'm afraid to add another layer of stress to the out-of-hand local library loan duedate issue. It does sound very satisfying indeed!


Isn't that the truth! To be honest there are already things I have thought of discarding from my youth that I think maybe I don't really want family members to find....just embarrassing stuff. When you put in the context of your own things and the idea of them being shared on Twitter, it is a little eyebrow raising. So interesting when it is someone else's stuff, right?


It is different than a book about a person somehow--seeing personal items shared online for the whole world seems more voyeuristic somehow. But in a historical context it is totally fascinating and nothing was presented in a salacious sort of way. It is a quick read if you come across it at the library!


It is pretty cook getting a peek into a Parisienne's life. She even had Madeleine tins for baking the famous cookies! It is sort of a curious book but fun to read.


Wow, that is impressive (I took a quick peek but will be back to read your posts poroperly). Do you go back and reread what you have written? I have the worst memory and it would be cool to go back and remember what I was doing or thinking at a particular time.


It will keep--I enjoyed it and you will fly through it when you get to it. But it is a quickie, so maybe save it as a palate changer when you finish with some other projects. Definitely one you want to borrow only, I think.

Joan Kyler

I have on occasion gone back to check what I wrote about something to compare what I remembered about it. I often find I've misremembered, so I'm happy I have my written impressions.


I think it would be really interesting to go back and read about an 'event' or period--memory is so unreliable and I know what I think about what I was like or what I did when I was young is likely not very close to what really happened!

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