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Buried In Print

I have had a Peter Beagle in mind for awhile, too, and haven't gotten to it: Tamsin. These all sound delightfully spectral; I'll be interested to hear which one wins out.


I loved the movie The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, didn't realize it was based on a book.


Gosh! I remember Cary Grant in Topper
The Ghost & Mrs Muir was a fun watch ..a bit stagey but still enjoyable.
It was also made into a radio play and can be found here (it's number 32)
Number 33 is a Very good production of Jonas ..which is very seasonally spooky!


These all sound perfect for the season! I love a good ghost story and have not read any of these so I'm taking note! I need to get caught up on my RIP reading as well.


The Ghost and Mrs. Muir is one of my favorite movies. It was also made into a television series, which wasn't all that good. I also did not know it was based on a book, nor that Topper was, though it was a fun series to watch when I was very young. You've provided me with some good ones to find and read.


Ferney is a really good ghost story too. One of my favourites.


I will second Ferney as a very effective ghost story.


The cover to the Beagle book reminds me of the stone angels in Doctor Who, the scariest Who villains ever. Have you seen them? They are stone angel statues and when you blink they move fast which doesn't seem like much until you blink and then find yourself surrounded!


Someday I am going to read that Beagle book. It came highly recommended at the time...


All the good movies seem to be taken from books, don't they? I do want to read it, but might just watch the movie first anyway. It sounds like something I would love, too.


Now there is a movie for my Netflix queue! I think I might have seen parts of it before. You always have the best link for radio plays--thanks. I love it when it is more than just audio read from a book but it is a dramatization, even if it is a little stagey. I need something like that about now.


Yes, must have at least one for October, right?


I will stick with the movie, then. I know my mom has seen it and she liked it too. So many movies seem to have been inspired books. I always like to read first and then watch, but I should really loosen up that little rule!


I don't know Ferney--had to look it up and it sounds really good, too. Almost Mary Stewart-ish?


How did I miss it. It is described as a passionate love story--maybe that is the distraction I need??


Curiously I have not watched much Doctor Who, though the few times I have watched I have enjoyed it. I think there are just so many versions and so many episodes I have nowhere to start. Now you make me want to see those episodes. Do you know what year they aired? Or are they always there no matter which version?

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