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Buried In Print

Only two? Are you sure you're feeling okay? :)


Love the colors for the pumpkin! Pumpkins can be a Thanksgiving design, too.....

Christine Harding

The embroidery is shaping up nicely. The silhouette of the witch is very effective - I love the Prairie Schooler Designs.


Well, if you saw how many 'in progress' projects I have you would most certainly feel a sense of relief that all is well in my world! ;) And these little pieces are actually designs I started, oh, years ago.


That is a nice shade of orange--not too bright, but very autumn-ish. You're right--now that gives me an excuse to not rush! ;) I can work on it well into November!


It is nice to see the progress. That is my problem sometimes--if it feels like it is taking too long I sometimes lose interest. But if I see the picture emerging--it helps me keep going. I love PS, too. It's a shame they are no longer designing--though I guess I have plenty of their charts to stitch for a very long time. And I am happy that they left their website up for reference even though they are retired now!


Both are looking very nice! I can hardly believe Halloween is next week already. It seems like it was just October first yesterday!


I can't either. I'm not ready for the month to come to an end--not at all since it just means colder weather and holidays I am not in the mood for! It has turned quite chilly here, so I imagine you are getting the same cold blast there, too? I am hoping to finish (just the stitching anyway) One of these this weekend!


I love these designs. Even if you don't finish them in time for Halloween I think it's a wonderful project to help you get into the spirit of the season! So can't wait to hear about the books you picked up at the library & bookstore. I just got a notice about three library holds!


What a perfect weekend. Books, stitching, and fall weather. Last night we got a cold front and the weather today is just about perfect. I'm working with the windows and back door open. I usually only get to do this a handful of times each year, so I'm taking advantage of it.

Your pumpkin is looking good!


I have a feeling it will be optimistic to think I will finish stitching one this weekend, even though they are small, but you never know. I have a movie I want to watch so maybe I can also sit and stitch. Will have to share my newest book acquisitions/borrows this coming week!


Brr--it is totally cold here now--I have had to pull out my winter coat, much as I hate to do so. I even put my flannel sheets on my bed. I hope it moderates a bit as I am not ready to welcome winter quite yet! My pumpkin is definitely getting fatter! ;)

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