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I haven't read Perez-Reverte in a long time and somehow I missed hearing about this book. I like the premise so I'm adding it to my radar. I did read the Woman in Cabin 10 and though it was pretty good. Have you read Where'd You Go Bernadette? A good part of it is set on a ship too. That was a good read. Loved this list!

Buried In Print

Oh, oh, oh: Margaret Atwood's short story Stone Mattress, in the collection of the same name. It is wickedly delightful. You must!


Great list! I know where to turn the next time I crave a shipboard setting.
Offshore is one of my favorite Penelope Fitzgerald’s, and I just reread Death on the Nile and watched the David Suchet version.
I think Agatha Christie has some short stories set onboard, too. One of Louise Penny’s Three Pines series, The Long Way Home, takes place partly on a boat. And I adore Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin series, most of which take place at sea. He also has a standalone books, The Golden Ocean, that is a sea adventure. I must confess though I tend to skim through the battle scenes.


Me either, so I have picked up The Fencing Master and am just starting it today. I hope to make a little progress in it this weekend.I have not read the 'Bernadette' book but I have it! Will have to take a look at it again (it's one of those books I pick up often...).


Well, now I had to pull the book from the library's shelves. Not sure if I will get to it this weekend, but I will eventually--thanks.


I should not let myself make lists like this as then I just want to add a new book to my reading pile. I have that PF and want to read it--so glad to hear you liked it. I could happily reread Death on the Nile, too. Have only seen the Ustinov version of the book. Thanks for the heads up on the Louise Penny book, and I have heard many good things about Patrick O'Brien. I have yet to allow myself to start buying the books as then I can foresee another lengthy project (there are lots of them, aren't there? Maybe that standalone?


Great list with several books I'll be adding to the TBR list. I'm not much of a boater/sailor myself, but I don't mind reading stories set onboard. I have two different types of stories to add: Three Men in a Boat (Jerome K. Jerome) and The Lion's Paw, by Robb White. The Lion's Paw is a "children's adventure story," according to the dust jacket. I really enjoyed this book, set mostly on a sailboat in Florida.


The Atwood collection is now sitting on my desk at work....


I am not a sailor except through the pages of a book! I like the idea of it, though. And I like being near the sea--too bad I am so far away. I read Three Men and a Boat years ago--as I recall it was a hoot! Will check out Lion's Paw now, too--thanks! My library might even have it.

Michelle Ann

Last year I read 'Wonder Cruise' by Ursula Bloom, which was written in 1934. It is an enjoyable light book, in which a downtrodden typist wins some money, and 'wastes' it on a cruise, during which she gradually blooms! It was interesting to see how much like modern cruises it was in many respects.


Thank you for reminding me--I actually bought the ebook for that last year (?--or thereabouts). I find a cruising story from the 1930s very appealing--sort of Agatha Christie-ish without the mystery, maybe? Anyway, sounds like a charming sort of read.

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