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Glad you liked the book and glad you are enjoying the essay. It made me want to read the book or at least see the movie.


Wonderful review! I liked how you also incorporated other reads which help to enhance the reading of this book. I've not read it or seen the movie but you are right it's so iconic that we all know what Stepford Wife refers to.


Great review! I’m adding The Stepford Wives to my TBR list and the book of essays sounds tempting, too....


I loved so much your post that I went to Amazon and seeing this one on Kindle for 3 euros, I bought it immediately!


The essays look great and I like what I have read so far. I remember when the book came in and I sort of mentally noted it and then sent it on its way. Then life went a little wonky and it just left my brain so I appreciate the reminder you gave me. Perfect timing! :)


It worked nicely to have that essay to read just after the novel. It always helps shed a little light on a book to see some other interpretation or have some of that 'under the surface' stuff pointed out! Ira Levin certainly came up with some whoppers between this and Rosemary's Baby--and the movies that followed.


Both books are good, though I have only just read the one essay. I plan on reading more of it. Definitely both are worth recommending.


It is a quick read and nicely atmospheric for this time of year. Very creepy I thought! You'll have to let me know what you think!

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