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Wodehouse, I've only read a couple of the Jeeves book but Jill sounds delightful!


I always want to read ten other books while reading my current read. lol

Margaret @ BooksPlease

I loved Ghostwalk! It's so beautifully written and so full of mystery - and ghosts.

And I know just what you mean about thinking of the next book before you've finished the current ones- I do it all the time. :)


Ooh lots of good sounding reads here. I hope you find a wonderful read and really curious to see your current stack of books!


These do all look good. I just got some Mary Stewart books on sale for Kindle, and Thornyhold is the one I’ve started. Im enjoying it so far — the heroine has finally arrived at the house. ITA, The Children of Green Knowe would be a great holiday read. P G Wodehouse is one of my favorites and he wrote so many books — hard to pick a fav out of the ones I’ve read but I’m partial to the Blandings books. Jill the Reckless sounds like it has a fun premise. As always, you have the most enticing lists.


You must put Dangerous Crossing at the top
of your pile! I was in a reading slump
and that book was just what I needed to
get me out of it.

Christine Harding

I enjoyed Thornyhold - nice, gentle comfort reading that you don't have to think about too much. Perfect when life is tough and you need something uplifting. And yes, there is a bit of romance!

As for The Children of Green Knowe, what can I say... it's utterly charming but, like all good children's books there are some sad and scary moments. By the way, Lucy Boston made patchwork quilts, and there's a beautiful book of her work, but I can't remember what it's called. With you interest in stitching I'm sure you would enjoy it.

Christine Harding

It's Patchworks of Lucy Boston by Diana Boston.


Wodehouse seems very, very bingeable, if you know what I mean!


Always in the back of my mind lingers the question of--hmm, what am I missing, must get to it soon! ;)


So glad to hear that. It certainly sounds like a perfect read for the mood I am in. I have not had a chance to dig around my piles and shelves for it, but I hope it is where I 'think' it is and not too much rummaging will be required! So I am not the only one to be constantly looking ahead!


I have only just dipped into the Beddington book about Paris, but I have lots and lots of good books to look forward to. At the moment I am pretty happily in the middle of several really good stories and feel reasonably contented--I needed that!


I need to look at those Kindle Mary Stewart books. It would be good to have a couple on hand for days I don't feel like dragging around too much in my bookbag! I'm going to save Children of the Green Knowe for my winter break from work, I think. And curiously I have never read a Wodehouse novel. I think he just wrote so much that it is almost overwhelming to know where to start. Jill the Reckless does sound like fun-sort of mindless silly fun, but that totally has a place in my reading right now.


Yay, so happy to hear that. I have been looking forward to reading it. I might even start it tonight.... Have you read The Woolgrower's Companion by Joy Rhoades? It is also set in WWII Australia and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I seem to be lumping both books together in my mind at the moment.


So good to know--then I am in or a treat! I am in need of some gentle easy reads at the moment. Sometimes life is hard and that is about all I can quite manage. A nice distraction. And Children of the Green Knowe is going to be a holiday read I have decided, since it seems perfect for cold dark nights.


Thanks for sharing the title with me--I am going to see if my library has it. I learned how to piece quilts but I am not so good with the actual quilting part--have not done it in years now. I think cross stitch will be my favored handwork. I do like looking though--any needlework book is inspiring.

Buried In Print

That Mary Stewart description sounds like every Mary Stewart book I've ever read (and as it includes a black cat, how can that be a bad thing?) and reminds me of a girlhood favourite, The Little Broomstick. Because it sits on my shelf very near to my copy of the Green Knowe story you've been eyeing. It's a lovely little volume and you could easily read it in an afternoon. There are more in the series but I haven't read them all; whenever you get to them, I'm sure you'll enjoy them. Also, so pleased that you have a copy of Dazzle Patterns, which I think you will find a great read!


You know what I HAD to do, don't you. Go ahead, and guess. Okay, I requested the Little Broomstick from ILL. At least I didn't order a used copy. I like lovely little easy to read volumes and cat stories (or stories involving cats) are always appreciated. Dazzle Patterns is quite literally on my next to the bed, reading next, pile. I like a mix of art and history and WWI history at that. Green Knowe will be a holiday read. I need these stories to look forward to!


You always have so many enticing books to choose from! I'm glad you're going to add some Wodehouse. I just finished Cocktail Time which I really liked. I don't have a favorite, though I do like the ones that feature Blandings Castle, Lord Emsworth and the Empress of Blandings (a pig, if you didn't already know that).


The Green Knowe books are really really lovely - I think you'll like them, whenever you get to them.

I'd not heard of In Praise of Shadows until now but I'm intrigued - I just looked it up on Goodreads and one of my friends gave it 5 stars.


I am keeping the book in reserve for the holidays. I actually like one good (not too scary) ghost story for the end of the year. I have always thought ghost stories around the holidays are sort of odd, but it works really! ;) Doesn't the Tanizaki sound good? He is someone have been meaning to read for a while now, and that slim book looks like the perfect place to start!


A couple of these I plan on starting sooner than later. I never am at a loss for a good book, that's for sure. And I really do need to read some Wodehouse--he wrote so much it is always hard choosing!

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