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I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who ran hot and cold on the NYRB subscription this year. Last year, I read almost all of them right away. This year, I've only read five. I renewed because In a Lonely Place was divine and I would never have read it without the subscription. I'm sure I'll read some of the other ones I received at some point but none of them are calling my name.

gina in alabama

I struggled with finishing the Golden Age. To me it was the weakest of the trilogy, too much political opinion and when it dealt with the unknown future, her prejudices were showing. I liked the first one the best. I may try A Thousand Acres or Liddie Newton next year. Good luck!


Your list has some tantalizing choices and looks like a good month’s reading! I’ve got two planned read-a-longs (Effi Briest and The Dark is Rising) for December as well as a couple longish books I want to finish (Cloudsplitter, A Hundred Years of Solitude) and a series I hope to complete (March 3). Add in some Christmas reading, and like you, I’m all booked up. Still it’s good to have a list, but it’s good to have flexibility, too!


It was a year heavy on 'heavy' books--lots of war books it seems. I will only have read five, too, by the end of the year and I also think that In a Lonely Place was my fave (and I still mean to watch the film adaptation). I also liked the Farm in the Green Mountains and Family Lexicon. I am also hopeful that the December book will be good--I think it is a memoir and I like memoirs a lot. Even if I don't read all of them (and I have yet to read the whole year's worth from any of my past subscriptions), but I still seem them as a good investment for my 'personal' library. Will you do the subscription again next year? I think I almost have enough of these to fill a small bookcase now!


I know what you mean. I am getting more into the story as I go, but I have been feeling like it is more a compendium of facts (as if she is ticking off--must get this in and this and this) rather than a nicely plotted family saga. Maybe there are too many of them and it is hard to get to know them as real people? I have not read any of her other books, so I need to try the two you mention--both of which I have on my shelves! But I am determined now to finish it as I read the other two last year!


I loved The Dark Rising and should really read the rest of the books in the series, though now I think I would like to reread Dark Rising first. I also liked Effi Briest when I read it and have thought of reading some of his other novels (but not gotten around to them). I keep looking at my list, but then I know I am going to break down and add new ones--I tried to allow myself a couple of 'free choices'--lol. I am flexible in my reading even when I don't want to be!


I haven't renewed yet but I will. This was my second year and I really look forward to getting my book each month. It's like a little gift to myself.


I read The Dark is Rising last Christmas and loved it and now that you mention it I am very tempted to search out my volume to read the next one!
There are four of the Cynthia Harrod Eagles books so far, each one covering a year of the war with the final one due out next summer. They remind me of the Cazalet series set twenty years earlier and I have absolutely loved every one of them.
Still haven't managed to finish High Rising - I will try and make that my book to finish before the end of the year then maybe get on with the rest of them.


That's it exactly. Even if I am not sure if I will read the book right away (and of course I will be starting off next year with the goal of reading each and every book as soon as it arrives (wishful thinking but you never know). I like to peek at the upcoming releases and decide which one I want the next month's selection to be!


After I read your comment yesterday I looked up the books thinking I should read them, too, and reread that first one. I own the first two of the series and I bet I know where they are on my shelves. Of course I still have that list of last books of the year to read.... I love the CHE WWI books. I think I am in book two and have the third on hand. And maybe the fourth is out in paper? Must check that out. I still want to reread all the Cazalet books--I reread the first one but now how many years ago was that? Do I go and and read it Again in the hopes I will read the five books (never did read the last--that was what the rereading was meant for!) all in one year? Another (!!) 2018 goal/plan? I am sort of stuck on the Thirkell book--in part as the edition is riddled with typos that drive me crazy. I was looking at it this morning. If I can just finish one book, I will move it into my daily read slot!

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