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Buried In Print

What is it about puppets in creepy stories!? This sounds like a sweetly satisfying story for this time of year. How did you discover it?


Poor puppets, they get such a bad rap, but they do tend to be creepy and sinister. I won't tell you about the puppet that comes later in the is a good book, though a little bit dark really since it is about bullying. I am not sure where I found it--I think it must have been through one of Book Riots many (many many many) lists/newsletters that I get from them. I liked the parallel storylines--it was clever how she did that.


Sounds like a fun read. Love the art!


What beautiful art work. Sort of reminds me a bit of Gorey which may be what also lends to that atmosphere of spookiness!


Sometimes you just need fun and easy and this was it for me. And her art is great, I agree!


Now that you say that, you're right--it does have that feeling to it since it is pretty monochromatic. And the story is a little creepy really--puppets and nasty girls....

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