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What a fun museum visit. I love trains too! And, those quilts are wonderful. Sounds like you had a blast during your visit.


It seems like such a fun outing. I would have loved to sit on these train cars and read a Agatha Christie novel (like the one in the Orient Express?)

Joan Kyler

I was thinking, too, that those trains look so much more spacious than today's cramped trains. Much more civilized than today! That museum looks fascinating. I like that it triggered so many memories for you. A museum with displays you can relate to is wonderful.

Buried In Print

Those trains and cars do make one want to pull a particular book off the shelf, settle in and have a good read. But I bet the cushions are even less comfortable than today's seats on public transportation! The museum looks lovely and I'm sure you enjoyed all the quilts!


I always enjoy going to this museum and I usually go every year around the holidays. It is a beautiful space, though it has been ages since I actually went IN the train cars! Very fun.


There was one especially fancy car that might have been from around that same era and I should have taken a photo of it. I was surprised by how spacious they were. Isn't there something sort of romantic about trains--or on the flip side, sort of dark and perfect for a little crime, too! ;)


Yes, people were definitely not all crammed up against each other. I wonder if they were designed like that as fewer people in those days could afford that sort of travel? Or maybe by then lots of people had more of an opportunity. But they even put our current city buses to shame! I had not been through all the galleries to look at the 'living exhibits' for ages, so it was fun to experience it all again. Museums in general are such inspiring places, aren't they?


I was actually expecting more quilts--didn't realize they were the entries into a competition but was expecting a whole room full of them, but still they were worth lingering over. Next time I will have to try out the seats and not just walk through. Do a little comparison. Do you know I have never been on an American train? I am not even sure if they are at all like these or vastly different now. I was tempted to go find a book set on a train, you know... but so far I have resisted.


Trains. I love trains.


I especially like the ones I am on that are going somewhere exciting! ;)


That streetcar interior does look quite spacious! They have trams in Milan but they certainly didn't seem to be so roomy when we were trying to get three adults, one toddler and a baby in a buggy as well as luggage on board at rush hour as we were trying to get to our bus to the airport! They are an interesting mode of transport though and they do have some real vintage ones which they operate during Fashion Weeks apparently.


Why are buses now so squashed? They seem like it anyway. Everything is always smaller when you are in a rush and have small children! In Vienna they also have streetcars/trams and I loved them. I could happily go to Milan and check theirs out... :)

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