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I keep track of titles/authors fiction/nonfiction, but you've given me ideas for other groupings, but I probably won't use as many as you. 76 books is definitely not shabby reading for the year...don't be hard on yourself.


At 76 books, you still read more than most people, and probably more widely, too. But I totally get the dissatisfaction--when it comes to something we love, or something we've set goals for, it's hard to feel satisfied if we fall short of what we had in mind in the first place. The good thing is we have today to fill with bookish goodness, and hopefully tomorrow and beyond. And reading 63 books from your own shelves is fantastic!

I did a quick survey of my reading notebook, and found that I'd read only two classics, but this year I read four books in translation (from Icelandic, Japanese, Italian, and French), which is a big improvement for me. This in a year when I set absolutely no reading goals for myself. I'm going to set a couple of gentle ones for 2018, related to classics and books in translation, as that's where I'm most lacking.

I also read several hard-to-classify books, including a humorous book of poems "by cats," titled "I Could Pee On This"!


I'm not making many reading plans apart from I am determined to read more classic novels (didn't finish one this year!) and I really want to emulate you in reading more from my own shelves - I have enough to choose from!


I seem to have expanded what I track over the years. An excel spreadsheet makes it easy to keep track, too No, I really should not complain--that is a pretty respectable number of books and just think of those people who don't read at all or just a handful of books. Oh my!! :) But, I am pretty greedy and always want more!


It is a pretty respectable number and I am really very good at reading my own books--if only I could be better at not adding to my shelves, however, as I never seem to even make a dent really. I hope to read more books in translation and will try and be more varied in the languages I choose, too. Hah--I think I have seen those cat books--I didn't realize it was poetry! Maybe that is what I need to try? ;)


Well, if you have any inkling to read Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton I did not get very far last year and plan on picking it back up now in earnest. I have plenty to choose from too. They *sound* good, but it is always so easy to reach for contemporary novels--I need to work on getting back into the habit of reading a classic each and every day!


You had a great variety of reading! I love reading these type of posts because they encourage me to continue reading outside of my comfort zones. Funny thing is even though I've been tracking stats for so long, I always find my years to be kind of similar... A lot of mysteries, mainly books by women, etc. Still so fun to see how the year plays out. Here's hoping we both get to that elusive 100 books read this year! :)

Buried In Print

Is that distant grumbling that I hear the sound of neglected Nebraskan writers? Oh, dear. An untouched category in a reading project is a sombre thing (there are several untouched in my lists of reading too).

Good reading to you in 2018 and beyond!


Edith Wharton is definitely high on the list of writers I want to read this year. I have a wide selection of her books and have always meant to read her but never got any further than taking a book off the shelf - and then re-shelving it without opening it!
I have just read Susan Hill's latest book about books and reading, and she recommends Edith Wharton as well as saying nice things about Quartet in Autumn, which makes me think I need to find the time to search my bookshelves as I am certain I still have my copy from the 80's - somewhere!


I'm happy that Susan Hill gave her approval to the Pym. I loved it. I have not yet picked up the Wharton, as I am starting John Wyndham's Day of the Triffids--I like him a lot and seem to read a couple of books by him every year. A long time ago I binged on Wharton and have read Age of Innocence about three times (it is such a great book). I need to get back to her soon!


I tend to read the same sorts of books every year, too, more or less and now I seem to turn to a lot of the same authors as I read my way through their works. It's funny how you fall into these patterns. I always want to read more mysteries, and as you love them, too, I like seeing which you choose since our tastes overlap. It would be fun to get to 100 books some year. Who knows, this could be the year?? ;)


Oh, yeah, I sort of glossed over that one. Didn't get a mention, just a big fat Zero. You caught that, eh? I do need to pick a few Nebraska authors and we have some good ones. I mean, how can you beat Willa Cather. Maybe I will set a goal of three books (and then try to beat that number?) Hah! Remind me later this year that I just said that!


Those poor NE authors got neglected in 2017. A very good year though!


Custom of the Country was the first volume I found so the decision is made! I look forward to starting tomorrow!


Okay, this will help me get back into my habit of reading it every day. Since I have wanted to finsih a few books I had set it aside. I am only on chapter six which is barely 5o pages in. You will catch up in no time!


I have been neglecting NE authors for a few years now. I do plan on reading some this year (planning and executing said plan being a bit different. I want to read at least one Willa Cather this year, but we'll see which other local authors I can find.


I love reading about other people’s reading so thanks for sharing! I’d like to read more translated books. Also, thanks for the tip awhile back about Ira Levin. I reread Rosemary’s Baby last month, and it is such a classic of suspense that even when you know the story, you can still enjoy it. I don’t think I’ve read any of his other books so maybe I’ll try another one this year..,

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