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It’s always interesting to see how much some books are “of their time”, and others seem much less dated in attitudes. Little Women is definitely preachy, but heroines Meg and Jo both are working, although just in their teens, and Jo wants to have a career as a writer...


I really like Little Women. I reread it several years back and if I recall correctly the first half of the book was great, but somewhere along the way it did get a little too preachy for me--in an obvious way. Actually this is not terribly preachy, but there are a number of things that are dropped into the text that stood out for me. Louisa May Alcott did work really--I think she pretty much supported her family, didn't she? You get that as well as the moral stuff, which I think maybe she knew she had to include to appeal to her contemporary audience?


Definitely agree the first half is the best. Thinking about it, I usually skim over the moralisms to stick with the characters and the story (since I’ve read the book before). The preachiness probably does represent Ms Alcott’s point of view and also her upbringing with her father’s philosophisizing and, as you point out, the age she lived in. Although our own time is prone to self improvement, too....;)


I think if I ever get around to reading it again I will do the same. Did you see that they have remade the movie once again? I guess that self-improvement thing never has ended, has it?! I have read a few of her more sensationalist stories-and they are very much a different kettle of fish! ;)

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