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Claire (The Captive Reader)

I'm so excited to see Bilgewater made your list! I love Gardam and this is one of my favourites so it's always satisfying to see other readers discover its charms.

Best wishes for a wonderful 2018 full of happiness and good books!


Happy New Year! What a great year of reading; I hope 2018 is another one.


Glad you had a great reading year. Hope 2018 is a great one!


I really must re-read Barbara Pym in 2018 and Anita Brookner too as I last read them at around the same time in the late1980's/early 1990's and it will be interesting to see what I make of them almost 30 years later.


I hope to read more of Jane Gardam's books this year. I was all ready to pick up another one as soon as I finished Bilgewater, but you know how it goes. It was such a great read--definitely one for the reread pile, too, Happy New Year and all the best in 2018 to you, too!


Hi Rohan, Happy New Year to you, too. So nice to hear from you--I hope to be online a bit more this year. Hope you have a great reading year, too.


I did read a lot of really great books, I can't complain there! Of course, am too greedy and always want more! ;)


I love Barbara Pym and I think this is maybe my favorite of her book that I have read (at least next to Excellent Women!). And I plan on reading more by Anita Brookner--I loved the one I read last year and have most of her books now on my shelves. I also binged on her books years ago, and now it is time to read more of those unread books I have of hers on my shelves.


I'd already added several of these to my list after reading your initial review--glad they've stood the test of time, so to speak. I've only read one book by Pym and one by Gardam, but I loved them both and can't believe I haven't remedied that. Must move them to the top of the 2018 reading list.

I'm developing a taste for Dickens, and thinking of starting on Great Expectations. Have you read it? I feel I should dive into a classic while my reading ambitions are high :).


Happy New Year Danielle.
I will write an email soon. I loved the bookmark. And am sad about what happened. I hope my card arrived as well.
I like your list very much. I just recently bought "We'll always have Paris", so I'm gald you liked it so much. I have a few of the other books too. I definitely need to read more Pym as well. I like her very much.
I wish this year will be much better for the both of us.


This is the year I finally have to read Jane Gardam! Love reading your favorites list and of course have added some to my TBR list. I hope you will have a fabulous reading year ahead Danielle!


I have not read much Dickens at all! I tend to gravitate more towards the more sensational Wilkie Collins who I have read a lot of and now that we are talking about him....maybe I will add one of his books to my pile. Actually I really should read Great Expectations--that is one of his major books (though they all seem to be pretty major really). I have read David Copperfield, which I really like. Have you read that one? It's only a good thing to feel so excited about picking a new classic--take advantage of it!


Hi Caroline! Happy New Year and yes, I did get the card and thank you very much. It was so nice to hear from you. I am sorry I have not been a very good correspondent/commenter, but that is something I hope to work on this year as I do miss all the bookish chats I have with virtual friends. I think we have both had some rough years and it surely must be better this coming year?! I hope you like the Beddington--it came along at just the right time for me. I want to start following her blog, if she is still writing one, but the book experience was so good, that I am almost afraid the reality of a blog might ruin it? Silly, I know! And Pym is marvelous--I hope to read another book or two by her this year as well!


There is lots to choose from with Gardam, which is nice. She is also on my list this year (I seem to have a very long list-lol). I hope this is a good reading year for you too, and I am excited to see what books you read and write about!


So you did finish the Smiley! Woo hoo! A good year :-)


I've read more Wilkie Collins than Dickens, too, and have one of his books on my TBR shelf, so I could always skip back to him!

I haven't read David Copperfield, but I borrowed a friend's copy of Great Expectations and will be giving it a try while ambition is high.


I think I am so enjoying my books right now thanks to having finished that Smiley, which at the end turned out to be such an uphill battle. I think I much more enjoyed the first and second books--with the first one being my favorite. No more Smiley for a while however.


Thanks for all the tips! My copy of The Dry just arrived, and I’m looking forward to reading it. I also picked up a John Wyndham book to try out (The Day of the Triffids was on sale). And I’m very much enjoying a book by Rhys Bowen from the library, so thanks for introducing me to this author (Her Royal Spyness). And congrats on finishing the Jane Smiley book! I’m working on a long book myself—it’s good but somehow reading it is more of a challenge. I may end up putting it back on the shelf for later.....

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