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I read all of her books many years ago and reread part of them a couple of years ago. As you said, a gentle sort of story.


This teaser reminded me of a series of books that I want to revisit--the Pam and Penny Howard books by Rosamund du Jardin that I read as a child and am now on the hunt for. I have the first one, Double Date and reread it some time ago. This is making me want to buy the next one in the series and revisit a gentler time.

gina in alabama

Locomobile? Early 1900s brand of American Automobile. Made both steam and gas powered cars. Ceased production in 1929

Middies? Sailor-collared middy blouse worn with skirts, popular in early 1900s, much favored by Willa Cather to indicate her indifference to fashion.

Thanks wiki for both! This book sounds readable, I tried the first Betsy-Tacy and couldnt get into it, too young for me i guess. this one sounds better.


Have not read any of her books but you are right, these are the type of stories that are perfect for the often times very stressful season! Love the description of the main character and can't wait to hear more!


This reminds me a bit of Little Women but slightly more 'modern'. It's kind of fun to read about another era with a book actually written in that era--it has a different feel than regular historical fiction! I plan on going back and reading the Betsy Tacy books next year.


I have never hard of this author or these books--had to look them up. They look like great fun. Are there a lot of them? I thought my library might have a few but we don't have any of her books. Maybe I will see if I can get the first one via ILL. Sometimes these are nice escapist reads--kind of fun to immerse yourself into a happy world!


Hah, so I had to look these up in wikipedia too--a locomobile looks pretty sporty! I don't imagine just everyone had one! I had a feeling that a middy was a type of shirt--it makes sense that it would be a sailor short. That's funny about Willa Cather--maybe they were too commonplace to be fashionable? ;) I have a feeling the early Betsy Tacy books are going to be very 'juvenile' (I don't mean that in a pejorative way, just for young reader), but I will give then a try. This one is definitely more for middle grades or high schoolers. Still a very gentle read.


They must have a big following as there is even a Betsy-Tacy society. Maybe like the Anne of Green Gables books? It is kind of nice to have something easy like this to intersperse with my other heavier reads.


I think there are only four Pam and Penny books, but I think the author wrote a number of other books for children/young adults. My memory is hazy on this point. though.


Oh, yes, you can visit "Betsy's" (Maud's) house in Mankato, as well as "Tacy's" house across the street (Maud's best friend). (Yes, this is the same Mankato they talked about all the time in the LITTLE HOUSE TV series.)


It's interesting that in the back of the book she has photos of the people and places that inspired her to write these books. I would love to visit her house someday. Maybe if I continue reading I will investigate the literary society that is associated with her.


I did look her up and she seems quite prolific. Another lost gem of a writer I think.

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