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I happen to be reading the second book in his Corfu trilogy (Birds, Beasts and Relatives). It's just as delightful as My Family and Other Animals. I read "Family" before I saw the PBS series, and now that I have seen it, I'm picturing all the actors as I read "Beasts" and that's adding to my enjoyment as I love how they've cast the show. I would so love to visit Corfu--after reading Durrell and Mary Stewart, who set This Rough Magic on Corfu, they make it sound like such a beautiful place.


Lovely extracts... he does write rather deliciously doesn't he!

A Zoo in my Luggage is for sale at $1.13 as an amazon kindle book today
and Menagerie Manor $2.99 I really need e copies as well as real books? gosh the temptation ....


Gerald Durrell's books were a staple read for my childhood and I must have re-read My Family and Other Animals twenty times over the years.
I still think the scorpion in the matchbox story is one of the funniest I have ever read.


I think they must have kept diaries/journals! :) Sounds like this is a fabulous read.


I think I am going to get it, too. I wonder if the second series is based on the second book. Amazon is streaming series one so I hope to watch it over my winter break that is soon approaching. I love his "voice" he literally makes me chuckle. I was at the gym reading and I am sure people must have thought me odd as I couldn't not laugh at some of his antics. I would love to visit Greece someday--I liked This Rough Magic, too, and still have a Greece-setting book by her to read. It sounds quite idyllic!


He does have a wonderful sense of rhythm in his writing and that dry humor--it's great and perfect winter reading. I hate to admit it, but I often will buy the ebook if it is cheap (or borrow from the library) even if I have the paper copy and am reading that--so much easier to prop my tablet on the treadmill at the gym and have my hands free. It is tempting--I agree! But these are really classics of travel/nature writing I think!


I laughed at that scene--can you imagine what he was like as a child and his family would have to be quirky to live with someone who constantly brings animals and insects home. I love the magenpies and his mother's little dog Dodo. I can use a good dose of humor like this and plan on reading the next one too.


It is a wonderful read and I can heartily recommend it. He must have had some sort of material to look back on--otherwise he just has wonderful memory recall. I any case, the book is really delightful!


lol don't encourage me can be embarrassing to count the number of copies of favourite real books I have on my shelf....never mind adding e copies too can't resist... As my Victorian great aunt would say "You'll end up in the poor house" ..but at least I'll have something good to read! hahaha


I am right in the middle of the DVD! It's quite funny and emotional at the same time. Very British.

Buried In Print

I can't remember where I was just reading something about the series and realising that I hadn't even heard of it so, there, you are way ahead of me! *grins*


I read this one a while ago, and now have Menagerie Manor and several others on my plate- I enjoy his writing so much I'm trying to collect them all (he has written about 30 books total- some for children, many about trips to collect animals for zoos, and I think the trilogy about his childhood on Corfu). I really liked the tv series too and can't wait for another installment.


I hate to say how many duplicates I have of books. Sometimes I just don't remember if I own something, but sometimes I just like the reissue--either my own old copy is mass market at too tiny print to read or it is just too pretty to pass up (all those Virago editions....). I will join you in the poor house--we can share rent and books! LOL.


I have it marked in my Netflix account and maybe I will start watching the first series this weekend. I saw the first few episodes when they first aired on TV, but then knew I wanted to read the book, so put off watching. Now I am all ready to begin! If the show is as amusing as the books, I am sure I will love it.


I am usually so behind the times when it comes to what is 'trending' (as they say when I log into Netflix!), so this is a rare treat of being able to pass along a new show to someone else. The book was great!


He was really prolific, wasn't he? I think the show must be based on the three Cofu titles-I just bought the second one and a bio by someone else about the Durrells. Now, when to start reading it/them! He must have had quite an idyllic, yet adventurous childhood! I am looking forward to starting to watch it, too.

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