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The next book is just as good and I am just hoping that there is a third one on the way.


Great review, Danielle! I do want to read this series but I loved Commissario Riccardi and feel like I need to go back to him first before starting this one. Although they do seem to be quite different!


I'm happy to hear that. I am looking forward to reading it, but I am waiting to buy with the hope Christmas might bring a gift card or two! ;)


Oh, and I wonder how many he has published in Italy and they are just slowly being translated into English maybe?


I think I might move back to Commissario Ricciardi and read the next one (since I have it on my shelves already and not the second Pizzofalcone book). I like the Commissario, too. No worries about getting the two mixed up if you do pick up the other series.

Buried In Print

The mix of resolutions and open-endedness makes this one sound very appealing to me. But, then, I feel like this publisher does a great job of putting out irresistible stories. There are too many of them on my TBR right now, and not enough of them in my actual stacks!


I like both series by de Giovanni and want to return to both of them next year. They are a good combination--more slow burn and puzzle piecing when it comes to the mystery, but the characters live are so interesting it makes for a nice balance. At least with this particular series, there are only two books published in English at the moment (more of the Commissario Ricciardi/1930s series, however).


Not that I need any more mystery series to read, but this sounds fascinating. I'm planning on some extra reading time during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day (my Christmas gift to myself!), so maybe I can clear out a few on-the-go titles and open space for de Giovanni.


Which of the two series will you choose? I like then both, but I guess it depends on which time period you are in the mood for. I think my next one by him I will go for is one of the 1930s Ricciardi books. That said I decided my 'break' (extra) book--a new start is going to be Laura Lippman's What the Dead Know which I listened to as an audio book a really long time ago and really liked. Although I know how the story plays out, I like her writing. I thought I would just take a little dip into the book, but now I don't want to put it down!

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