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As an Australian you are making me feel embarrassed. I have seen you mention a number of Australian books that I was not even aware of, this being the latest. I think I need to seek out some of these.


Oh this does sound like a great historical read. I have not read many books set in Australia and much less during this timeframe so this would be a great introduction.


It's amazing what you can find when you start digging around, which is what I was doing in the summer when I knew I wanted to read Australian lit. And now I seem to just happen across books, it's kind of funny how that happens. Sometimes it is when you are not looking specifically for a type of book that they seem to fall into your lap. I really enjoyed this one--it was a nice mixture of plot and characterization and while not heavy handed an interesting glimpse into Aboriginal culture, too.


I really liked this one and always like WWII novels--like you I think I have not come across many set in Australia, so this was a treat. I will be on the look out for more for certain.

Buried In Print

I'm hoping to get to some of the Aussie books on my shelves and on my TBR next year. Whenever I focus on their literature, I only want to read more of it. This sounds like a satisfying story indeed.


I accumulated quite a few books when I was reading Aussie lit this summer. I should count how many books I read, though I think a few might have been by British writers who moved do I count them as Brits or Australians?? Nevil Shute was actually born in England, when I always thought he was Australian by that is just going to mess up my stats! ;)

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