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Still have not managed to read Highsmith! Oh I really should remedy that. All three of these sound really good. Let us know what you think of the movie Carol. I wanted to watch that one.

The book and the film are wonderful, so recommend you see the film soon. I think it's also rather fun to compare the novel's narrative arc and how it handles things with regard to the film... Very Film Art Director-ish.

This is the only Highsmith that I've read, so wondering if there are any other titles that you may know and recommend for the old TBR pile....


I hope Carol is still streaming--if so I will watch it over my upcoming break! I think you would like Highsnmith's thrillers. I have only read the first Ripley book, but it was good!


I have heard really good things about the movie--my sister also said it was really good, so I can't wait to see it now. And I like your description--I am a big movie fan in any case, but it sounds like a must see. As for her books, I would recommend The Talented Mr Ripley (and I thought the movie well done, too), and I plan on reading Strangers on a Train, which looks good and also came highly recommended by a friend.

Simon T (StuckinaBook)

I'm saving up A Touch of Mistletoe, because the idea of having read all her novels is too sad to contemplate, but how long do I save it for??

Was it on the postal book round that you read The Skin Chairs?


I know that feeling of wanting to keep one book in reserve! Maybe if you wait long enough you will have forgotten enough of the story to start rereading them?! Now that you say that I think I did read Skin Chairs for the postal book group!

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