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I do envy you your NYRB subscription; it sounds like a wonderful way to discover good books, to say nothing of monthly book mail. Unfortunately my TBR piles are seriously out of control so I can’t justify one to myself. Maybe another year, though. In the meantime, I vicariously enjoy reading about yours.


I love Anita Brookner's novels and read this one a couple of years ago. Like you said, the novels may explore the same themes but they are so readable. This reminds me that I didn't read any of her books today so I should probably pick one up soon!


It is very much a splurge for me and I am going to try hard next year to keep up with my monthly mailings. I know all about those out of control TBR piles, and I hope to read more from them next year (without adding too many more books to them!--easier said than done!).


She is great, isn't she? I actually went to my shelves today and pulled a couple out to choose one to read. Ah, the thrill of a new read--and it is going to be hard to pick just one!

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