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How delightful! Advent calendars have become quite creative in the last few days, haven't they? I'd love to have this one coupled with a tea advent calendar...


Fun! I'm imagining the pleasure of looking forward to unwrapping and reading one of these every day. Better for the waistline than those chocolate Advent calendars!


What a nice treat for you! Can't wait to hear more about how you are finding these.


I had another plain advent calendar last year (or the year before) where you just opened the paper door to see the picture behind, but I do like these kinds of calendars where you actually get something--a little interaction (I have seen chocolate calendars, too....). It would be fun to make one to give to someone and put treats inside the spaces--I bet I could find loads of ideas on Pinterest!


The stories have been fun so far--I have liked some more than others but it is a nice way to read a story or two every day. Since I got the calendar a little late I am running a story behind, but I hope to catch up with them today and be back on track tomorrow. But, it's all good even if I don't.


I will have to post on what I am reading soon! I am a story or two behind but I will catch up in the next day or so.

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