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While I appreciate character lists sometimes they make me a bit afraid of what's ahead! haha... One of my current reads also has a long character list although not near 8 pages. I hope you continue to feature these NYRB books because they aren't books that are sometimes easily found on the B&N stacks and like you said, they offer us a glimpse into other parts of the world and other eras. I hope you enjoy this one and look forward to hearing more about it.


Thanks for telling about your NYRB book of the month. They publish such a variety of wonderful authors, and I continue to envy your subscription. I’m not familiar with Eileen Chang, so it’s interesting to learn a little about her and her work. Sounds like she’s picked a very dramatic timeframe for her story and has a boatload of characters. Thank goodness for the list to help keep them sorted out!


I think I will save that list for moments when I am stuck! Although the book is not too terribly long, I sort of feel like it is going to be a little bit of a challenge, but I am going to give it a go and try and read a little every day. They do publish some really interesting books that I think I would never hear about otherwise. I don't often find NYRBs at B&N sadly.


It is a real splurge to do the subscription, but it is my (very nice) treat to myself. I know every month I will have some good book showing up on my doorstep. I have heard people rave about Eileen Chang--I should maybe squeeze in one of her short stories and see how it goes, but for now I have just dove right in. I am trying to read at least 5-6 pages every day, which does not sound like much really, but it will help me move along and hopefully I will soon get into the story enough to want to read more.

Buried In Print

Wow, that is quite the list of characters. That would make me a little anxious too! Good luck with your project, meaning your idea of making it more public: that usually helps me with accountability too. But, then, the theory has yet to be tested with an eight-page-long cast list!


I love Eileen Chang (I reviewed a novella of hers on my blog years ago), and I must say that as far as Chinese writers of that period go, her stories are more accessible than others. Which is not to say that a 8 pages long list of characters would make me really scared!


I have actually been avoiding looking at those pages just so I don't feel overwhelmed and so far have not had to HAD to look to keep things straight. That may well change, though. If I just keep reading five or so pages a day I think I will eventually get hooked. I am finding it a little bit of a challenge but still looking forward to picking it up. So far so good.


That is very reassuring. I have several of her books on hand but not read any of them. This subscription book was the push I needed, but now I sort of wish I had at least read the novella I have--I wonder if it is the same one you wrote about and so must go look into your archives. That character list is a little intimidating, but I am trying not to let it scare me away!

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