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I always enjoy a good spy novel and this sounds like a good one.


I've read one Dunmore book and remember enjoying it quite a bit. I don't normally gravitate towards spy fiction but having a female protagonist would probably make me more interested in reading it. Hope you have a great weekend spending time with this book!


Exposure is excellent, really gripping with Helen Dunmore's perfect sense of period, and I'm sure you will love it.
Her last novel Birdcage Walk is brilliant too.


I can't believe you didn't read any spy fiction last year! How did that happen?


It is--just what I was in the mood for! So far, I think I can easily recommend it, too!


I have wanted to read this for ages, so I gave myself the excuse to pick it up with my prompt. I have liked all of Dunmore's books that I have read. You might like this even though it is a spy story of sorts--not quite the traditional espionage novel!


It is really good and she does those period details and atmosphere really really well. I am absorbed in the story. At first I wasn't sure as Lily only seems peripheral so far, but nonetheless I am still totally pulled into the story. I will look at Birdcage Walk--I was not really drawn to it at first, but her writing is so good I think I will order it after all.


good question! As you can see I am making up for it now, however@! :)

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