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Happy 2018 :-)

Your plans sound marvelous. And who cares that we tend to repeat some version of these plans every year, I am still glad to find you here, reading and writing.


Happy new year! Oh, I love Europa Editions. Enjoy.

I have no firm reading plans—just being open to whatever may come along.


I am hoping to have a fresh start this year, too. I had a terrible reading year in 2017.


Hi Iris, Happy New Year to you as well! I guess by now I know what I like and what works best for my reading style, right? I am still doing the same things--so nice to hear from you, too!


Happy New Year Isabella--so nice to hear from you. Europa Editions is one of my favorite publishers and I will try just about any of their books. I was really looking forward to The Athenian Women and can't wait to start reading. I pretty much end up just reading at whim, too, but it is fun to think about what I might choose. Thinking about that next book is often half the fun for me.


Hey Kailana--Happy New Year! So nice to hear from you. Isn't it nice to start from scratch each January?!


I love your prompts, and look forward to seeing which books you choose to fulfill them. I wrote a blog post titled Planes, Trains and Automobiles once: Just in case you're short on titles (ha).

I don't envy you those cold, dark morning walks. I complain about the heat, but I don't think I'd fare very well in bitter cold, either. I'm a weather wimp! We're having a true cold snap (for Florida) this week, with highs only in the 50s, lows in the 30s. More comfortable than much of the US and delightful for those of us who do complain about the constant heat.


Here's to a lovely 2018! I hope you find it less stressful and filled with a lot more joy! Can't wait to see what book discoveries you find this year.

Buried In Print

It is so satisfying to begin a fresh reading year isn't it! I hope you find many new favourites in 2018. Would you believe that I am still on hold for the copy of Family Lexicon at the public library? You probably could have hand-copied a version of it for me in that time (but, of course, that would have interfered dreadfully with precious reading time)!


I gave in and bought a copy of Family Lexicon after you made it one of your books of the year. I have also bought some books Susan Hill recommends in Jacob's Room is Full of Books which I have just finished and absolutely loved.
I have been following her recommendations since I first started reading her books in the late 70's and never regretted any of the choices. Neither of the books I wanted to read are in the library catalogue so I decided that I would have to buy myself a Christmas present!


If I don't manage to achieve any other reading goal, I must say that the prompts have been fun and I do get those books read! Thanks for the link and I have noted titles from it! Yesterday was truly awful in the morning as my bus did not show up so it was a long wait and a very uncomfortable one. It will improve by the weekend, so I just have to get through it. I am a weather wimp, too, but I must say 50s sounds quite blissful in comparison to what we have now! :)


I feel bad as I think I must say good riddance to each year (the last few years) and that isn't good either. I always just hope for the best and surely this year will be good--I know I am excited about all my new reads. Happy 2018, too, Iliana!


It is indeed. I wonder at what point the reading year starts to feel lacklaster? And what can we do to keep it this fresh and exciting all year? Hmm... Wow, that must be quite a line for the Ginzburg. Last night I was looking for another book and found one by her that I had not read so pulled it out and took it upstairs to my bedroom, now contemplating when I might insert it into my reading. No worries, as I am going to finish some other books first. Yeah, a page a day and you would have finished reading, too. Now if it meant copying out a book I *hadn't* read, then that might be time well spent, though it is a book worth a reread, too.


I like Natalia Ginzburg and I think she is a very under-rated, or deserves to be better known writer! I hope you like the book as much as I did. Oh yeah, I need to look up Susan Hill's new book, though I guess I should start by reading the first one that I have owned for (years now?) that is still Unread! By the way, have you read Laura Powell's The Unforgotten? I ordered it before the holiday as it sounded so good and finally arrived yesterday--can't wait to start reading!


Love your prompts! I am, however, sad to see Orlando on that bottom shelf. Though I do know it is also a book that if you aren't in the right frame of mind it will just drag.


Howard's End is on the Landing is a really easy and enjoyable read and a book which can be dipped into if you just want to read a little although I always find these books hard to put down! Well worth searching out your copy.
I hadn't actually heard of the Laura Powell but I thought it sounded really interesting so it is now on request from the library - I'm trying not to do that too often this year and make some inroads on my own shelves, but when it comes to thrillers and crime novels, I think I'm going to keep with it, just do it sparingly. That's the theory anyway!


Well, for once I at least know where my copy is! It would be easy enough to read an essay every other day or so, too1 I have only barely dipped into the Powell--it seem the the sort of book you would like as well.


I know--I actually pilled the book off the shelf (well, momentarily only...) just today. I just lost the thread and got bogged down but I need to get back to it--it camr along at a very busy time. I do plan on finishing it.


Belated best wishes! I love your prompts, they are so diverse!


Belated Happy New Year! My first book of the year was Rock Crystal by Adalbert Stifter, a short novella, which let me read a classic (NYRB books pretty much count as classics to me ;) and a book in translation. What a great list of prompts! April’s made me laugh. I’m still thinking about my reading plans, but finally came up with an appropriate prompt for January: Getting Organized :). Onward!


And Best wishes to you, too! I was not feeling very inspired at first, but then my list ended up being too long and I had to pick and choose. I am already thinking (a little anyway) about my Feb prompt, so it is fun choosing.


Happy 2018 Readerlane! I read the Stifter novel, though I must admit the story has faded from my mind a bit. Isn't it nice to start the new year out with a book in translation?! You'll have to share your prompts as you go! April will be fun to choose a book for. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to come up with good prompts for the whole year, but then I ended up with more than I could use! Which book did you choose for your Jan prompt?


Yes, ITA about starting the year with a book in translation — a taste of something different to start with. Your prompts are great! And I look forward to seeing what you read for them, too. I’m going to try Better than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives by Gretchen Rubin. I loved her book, The Happiness Project.

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