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Christine Harding

I'm not the greatest fan of crime novels, and when I came across the first novel in this series I was horrified at the idea of Sherlock Holmes being married, but I picked the book up, started flicking through - and was hooked (much against my will). I've read several of them now, and enjoyed them all, but it sounds as if they are getting better and better.


I can't believe I still haven't read any in this series. It sounds like I'm missing out!


Although I love crime novels I have to say I was not particularly drawn to this series initially. It was weird to think of the age difference but I was hooked from the first book and they do get better as they go, I think. I have only heard of one instance where one of the books was a disappointment--somewhere down the line a bit. So far, though I have thoroughly enjoyed all the stories!


I think you would like these Iliana. You should give the first one a try, though I think the second one is even better as the first is just interlinked stories. At least you know you have something good to look forward to later, right?!


I haven't read a Mary Russell mystery in a while--I miss her. Will have to remedy that!


I am ready to pick up the next one--but I will be good and finish Agatha first! The books just get better and better.

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