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Buried In Print

Funny -- I was just petting a couple of these in our local branch library the other day. Those nice new editions do get one thinking about new reading projects! (Also, I'm relieved to hear that you haven't noticed any issues reading out-of-order, as that seems an insurmountable project just now!)


I know you've mentioned these mysteries before and unfortunately I still haven't read one. At least there's lots to choose from right? Hope you continue to enjoy discovering more of them!


They are very nice editions and I have been adding the odd one here and there! I can't imagine trying to read these in order. I am not sure how many are in print. There must be a complete list of his books somewhere, but from what I understand he literally wrote hundreds of them. It would be quite a project for sure. Still, I am enjoying picking them up randomly and I have not noticed any reason to feel like I am missing something about the characters reading them this way.


You definitely won't be at a loss for good choice and I am sure you can easily find them both new in bookstores and used copies floating around (and likely more than a few library copies, too). I think you would enjoy them--they are generally quite slim novels and so far I have enjoyed each one I have picked up.

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