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Buried In Print

When I was ten or eleven, I think, we watched "Day of the Triffids" on public television, a British import, I believe. It scared me to bits but I couldn't stop watching either: it was my favourite show at the time (and on well past what should have been my bedtime). I'm sure that version would be quite laughable now, and look forward to hearing about the versions you find to watch!


What fun to read this conversation between you two! I'm intrigued by this writer. I've read your other reviews of his books and they seem like they provide lots good topics for discussion!


Which version was it? It has been filmed something like three times--maybe the original? I am very curious how they made the plants walk! It's funny how some movies just lose that edge when you get older!


It was fun to read in tandem--I didn't mean to make my post quite so long but once I started it seemed there was so much to say about it. It would be a great book to read in a group. Now to watch one of the movie versions.

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