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Sharon Bolton is a great addition and I would also recommend Meg Gardiner. I love your recommendations. Have fun at the author event and you'll have to let us know how it goes. I've not read any of his books either.


Nice reading list with the different spin you’ve put on the topic. I’ve read books by Lisa Scottoline, Val McDermid, Patricia Cornwall, and Karin Slaughter, but not Lee Child. Would Laura Lippman fit? From older authors, maybe the wonderful Dorothy B Hughes or Margaret Millar? Hope to hear about the author event. Always fun to hear from the person behind the books


I love her books and really do need to get back to them. I look at them often, but then when I am ready to pick one up, I usually have some other mystery started and so make myself wait. I tend to 'wait' a lot for books! But maybe I will look at the most recent Lacey Flint book that I have that is not yet read... :) I have never read Meg Gardiner--I will check her out--thanks! I tend not to read books like these--just too many to choose from, but I am sure I will like the Lee Child book I have at home. I will definitely share my experience here!


Laura Lippman is great--I think there might indeed be some standalones that would fit in nicely. I love Dorothy B Hughes--she is very noir and I might have to see if the library has In a Lonely Place--though I know we have the film. I have not read Margaret Millar, though I am familiar with the name--will see what we have. Thanks for the great suggestions. I think I read one Patricia Cornwell book, but none of the others--must try them out sometime.

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